Sunday, August 14, 2016

At the start of this year I promised myself that this would be the "year of me." That this year I would focus on doing things that I loved to do and to be happy. I find that time is just passing, slipping through my fingers and when I turn around, I've accomplished things, but for everyone else. I'm not that old (31 is NOT old) but I'm old enough to be somewhat set in my ways. I've dealt with and tolerated a lot of bullshit the last 4 years, and I've learned more about myself living on my own for the past 2 years than I've ever known about myself before.  What I'm willing to put up with, and what I'm not.  But for some reason, since September of 2015 up until now, my feeling of self-worth diminished greatly.  Not sure what happened to me in this year's time to get me feeling this way, but enough is enough. I'm done and tired of the bullshit and I deserve to have happiness, love and everything else that I damn well desire. No one and nothing will and can get in my way of that.

Recently I've decided to start my journey on self-discovery and self worth. I've embarked on something that is great, training for NPC Bikini Competitions..... I don't need to explain to anyone why I chose to do this, but what I can explain to you is the journey thus far.

Roughly six years ago, when I started my career in Personal Training, someone I met decided to do a Bikini Competition, and I thought it was super cool of her to do that.  She looked amazing in the photos and I wanted to be like her.  It made an impact on me because we are around the same age, and if she could do it, so could I.  It's always been something in the back of my mind to get up on stage and do what she did, but the timing never seemed right. I had talked about it, talked about it for years but there was always some excuse that got in the way. The funny thing about timing is that- well that there's NEVER a RIGHT TIME to do anything. You must MAKE time for something that you so desire. So this year, January 1st 2016, I said to myself you WILL be on stage in a Bikini Competition.  

My competition prep started roughly 11 weeks ago, memorial day weekend. I was looking for meals online because the plan was to do it all on my own. I'm a Trainer, how hard can it be right? So, I found something that seemed pretty good and I got 2 people to approve of it. Off I went, changing my eating and tracking progress on a weekly basis with pictures. I had a few cheat days in the beginning because 12 weeks is a long time and what harm can it really do? But my cheat days weren't all that crazy.  When I did cheat, I'd have sushi, or a burger without the bun. I stuck to grilled chicken and salad when I could. I didn't overindulge.  After 2 weeks on this new plan, I lost roughly 3 pounds and 2% body fat.  

One day, I saw this woman walking around the gym, looking great and I was like I need to talk to her. So, a few days later she walked into the gym and I stalked her to the leg press machine and I was straight up like "you look great! do you train for anything?!" I discovered that she was a fitness competitor and that she was a coach as well. I started with her roughly June 26th. I was about to start the next 4 weeks of prep and I wanted to start looking for a posing coach. Just like that, the universe brought her to me.  (Sometimes you have to ask for what you want, and the answers just appear).  I've been with her ever since and so far its been great.

Current status: 2 weeks (13 days out) from show time. Last week I weighed in at 108lbs. Posing practice is going well, and I'm feeling great. My diet hasn't changed this week, she's kept it the same for 2 weeks. Peak week starts 8/20. Already booked my hair and makeup for show day, gotta book my tanning. Competition suite was purchased roughly 8 weeks out ,wish I waited a little longer because I did drop some weight since the order was placed. I have to book my hair appointment (red with blonde). Competition jewelry is already purchased and ready to go. I may have to buy another ring, the one I have isn't big enough. 

Current mood: Excited, tired, anxious, lets just do this already, August please take your time, irritable, determined, just get through it, I kind of need a hug right now but also stay the hell away from me. 

Cravings: none really but really excited to eat the goodies in my freezer and excited for 8/28. PASTA and COOKIES! Maybe a glass of white wine? 

Meal plan: CARBS: 1/4 cup of oatmeal, 2 oz white potato, 1/4 white rice
               PROTEIN: 4 oz chicken, 4 oz white fish, Arbonne Vegan protein shakes, Dymatize Casein
               FATS: almond butter
               VEGGIES: broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, zucchini 

Overall, feeling pretty good. Check back soon for a more in-depth look at the actual struggles of doing this. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

D.tox prep day 1

So, it's been a while since I've written on here. But today I'm starting prep week for an awesome cleanse program called D.tox from Lifetime athletic.  Lifetime is a high end, top of the line facility that has everything from a weight floor to a kids activity center.  It is the place for families because everything you need is there.  Hungry? Grab a bite to eat at the cafe. Or just chill in the pool or sauna after a butt kicking workout with me!

Anyway, today is day 1 of prep week, during this week I start to remove toxins from my daily routine such as: coffee, alcohol, sugars and start increasing physical activity. I think coffee will be the hardest part but I've already made a conscious decision last week to start decreasing my intake to just 1 cup a day.  So far it hasn't been that bad.  My birthday just passed so I guess I'll have to freeze the rest of my birthday cake so that I'm not tempted to eat any... Along with these brownies.

 I can't wait to start this program.  I will be taking weekly photos to keep track of my progress as well as writing a daily post to keep you all in the loop.

Here we go!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope all is well and that everyone's been able to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D!  The sun is shining and summer kick-off is right around the corner!  As the short sleeves and mini skirts start to move their way out of hibernation, we begin to see the areas of our bodies that need a little work... true? Now is the time to kick it into gear!!

Come and join me for some kick ass workouts and classes at IWORKOUT Training.  We are located in Westwood NJ! We have a variety of services to choose from, including Zumba! Classes are pay as you go... come in, workout, go home- its that easy!  If you want to see what Zumba is all about, Check out my class right here!

Contact me for more information:

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Class Schedule at IWORKOUT Training

We are a results driven private studio with your best interest at heart.  You want the results, we want to give them to you!  At IWORKOUT, we offer Zumba classes, stretch classes, women's self defense classes, group training, private training and so much more! All ages are welcome!

IWORKOUT Training is located at 701 Broadway (in rear) in Westwood NJ, across from Kmart.  For more information, please call 201.258.0665 or email

Class schedule is below:

Monday 7:45-8:45 pm, Zumba Toning
Tuesday 7-8 pm, Zumba
Tuesday 8-8:30 pm, Abs class
Thursday 7-8 pm, Zumba
Thursday 8:15- 8:45, Stretch class
Saturday 8-8:45 am, Fabulous Arms
Saturday 9-9:45 am, Cardio bootcamp

Zumba passes available, all other classes are pay as you go! No gym enrollment fees! Come in, work out and go home! It's that easy!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspiration from ZUMBA!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you some inspirational stories I heard the other day when I went to a ZUMBA meeting. I was at a gym this past Sunday at a meeting where ZUMBA instructors from the area come together and learn dances, share stories, tips and have fun.  When it came time to going around the room to share a little bit about ourselves, I was impressed at how many of the stories were transformation stories.  5 or 6 of the people in that room told us that they had lost 50 or more pounds from doing ZUMBA!  It was truly inspiring to hear that ZUMBA really has changed who they are.  Each person had a different story, but the end message was how it's transformed their life. I've heard many stories about weight loss with ZUMBA but it was just a great reminder of how awesome it is to be a part of this family.

So I want to take this moment and thank all of you for making the commitment.  Thank you for coming to class each week and showing me that your health is a priority in your life.  Thank you for working hard at every class.  Results will follow the time and effort you put in.  I've already seen a change in many of you!

Keep up the good work, and let's keep rocking out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

VALPAK special offers!

hey everyone!

Happy to share some great news with you... I placed an advertisement with great offers in the January mailing of Valpak.  I'll be sharing the space with Jillian Michaels, so don't miss it!

Please look out for it in the mail if you live in the following areas:
-Park Ridge
-Woodcliff Lake
-Glen Rock

Offers include:
-Free 30 minute PT session (at home or at Fitness 201)
-Free trial ZUMBA class (at Aeon Fitness)
-10 in home PT sessions for $450 ($200 savings compared to local gyms)

Check out today to find the online version of the mailing! Offer expires 4/30/12. Find your town, then search "Carla Bissi" in the top right corner and my name will pop up. Tell your friends!

Hope to hear from you :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burn baby Burn!

New Years eve came and went and now everyone is well underway on their resolutions for this year.  Just a couple things to mention.  Consistency is key to seeing the results you want.  Remember, it takes 90 days to create a habit and also for your body to realize that something is happening.  Stick with it!   Here are some ways to staying consistent: 1. Work with a Personal Trainer 2. Find something you enjoy doing 3. Stay positive and focus on the immediate response your body has to exercise.


ZUMBA is a great addition to any workout regimen.  If you get easily bored on a treadmill or hate the elliptical, this is the way to go.  An hour long class will scorch anywhere from 500-1000 calories.  But remember, for the best calorie burn, give it 100%.  The energy you put in is the energy you get out.  Try to keep up with the instructor and copy movements as best you can.  Don't get frustrated just keep moving!  The more you do it, the easier it will get!

Last night, in my class, I wore my heart rate monitor and calculated how many calories and grams of fat were burned in that 1 hour.  I burned 60 g. of fat and 1081 calories.  If you kept up with me, GREAT JOB! :)