Monday, August 22, 2011


You've all heard about the famous ZUMBA craze and how it's swept the world by storm.  But what is ZUMBA exactly? It is a mix of Latin style dance steps and high energy cardio to create an amazing fitness environment.  ZUMBA is not like your traditional aerobics classes, it is dancing to the max!

What should I expect from a ZUMBA class?
-high energy, a good time and great music

What do I need for a ZUMBA class?
-a water bottle, shoes that allow you to glide on the floor (running sneakers are not recommended), lose fitting clothes

What time should I arrive for a class?
-10 minutes in advance

What should I do while waiting for a class to start?

Is ZUMBA for everyone?
-it certainly is. Instructors are trained to have modified, intermediate and advanced moves for most classes.  ZUMBA Gold is recommended for older adults or for people who take a little longer to learn choreography.

What happens if I can't keep up?
-keep moving! if you don't know the steps or lost your place, keep those arms and feet moving at all times until you find your footing. DO NOT stop moving.

How long are ZUMBA classes?
-one hour in length

Some helpful tips and hints for my class:
-class starts ON TIME, please come 10 minutes early for the best spot on the dance floor
-stretch on your own before and after class
-come prepared to sweat
-it is an intermediate class but with easy to follow steps
-it is NOT an aerobics class
-grab your dancing shoes, we will be dancing the entire time
-2 English songs and the rest are ZUMBA accepted songs
-traditional ZUMBA class

last of all...

Class schedule:
Tuesdays 4:45-5:45 pm

Mondays 10:15-11:15 am
Mondays 7-8 pm
Thursdays  7-8 pm 

Contact me directly for more information:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stretching and Flexibility Training

So everyone's heard over and over again that we need to stretch.  But why is stretching and flexibility so important?  I'm going to go over the importance of stretching/flexibility and also discuss the different types of stretches there are and how the body responds to stretching.

Flexibility- the range of motion within a joint along various planes of motion

Types of flexibility:
Static flexibility is impacted by body core temperature, body structure, connective tissue elasticity, muscle fiber lengths and muscle tendon attachments.  AKA gymnast holding a split demonstrates static flexibility.

Dynamic flexibility involves movement through a range of motion emphasising speed and force while maintaining balance, speed and torque. AKA gymnast peforming a split jump in the air.

Stretching- the process of elongation

Types of stretches:
An elastic stretch is a temporary elongation of tissues that recovers when the tension is removed. AKA holding a stretch for a few seconds is considered an elastic stretch.

A plastic stretch is a permanent elongation in with the deformation to tissue remains after the tension is removed.  AKA holding a stretch for longer than a few seconds.

What is happening to my body when I'm stretching?
When you stretch, you are not actually stretching the muscle itself, but rather the connective tissue framework that surrounds the muscle. 

What is connective tissue?

Is composed of non-elastic collagen fibers and small number of elastic fibers within a protein matrix that creats soft tissue structures like tendons, ligaments and fascia.  Has the ability to support and protect underlying structures from injury.

Reasons to stretch:
1. A flexible joint requires less energy to move through the range of motion

2. Decreased risk of injury

3. Increased blood supply and nutrients to joint structures

4. Improved nutrient exchange

5. Opposing muscle groups work in a more coordinated fashion

6. Improved muscular balance and postural awareness

7. Decreased risk of low-back pain

8. Reduced muscular tension

9. Enhanced enjoyment

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 3- Strength training routine

Monday 5/9- Legs and Triceps
squats                     5x10   70lb barbell
side lunge               5x10   15lb db
plie squat                5x10   35lb db
standing calf raise   4x15   30lb barbell

Triceps (supersets)
skull crushers          2x10  8lb db
overheads                2x10  8lb db
kickbacks                2x10  8lb db
dips                         2x

Tuesday 5/10- Cardio and abs
Did not complete

Wednesday 5/11-TRX
full body suspension training

Thursday 5/12- Legs and abs
Did not complete

Friday 5/13- TRX
full body suspension training

Saturday 5/14- Cardio and bis
Did not complete- work all day

Sunday 5/15- Rest Day
instructed half hour Yoga class
1 hour training session with kids

*my training was slacking this week, due to mild soreness and busy work schedule*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 2- Strength training routine

Here are some of the workouts I did last week.  Workouts are increasing in difficulty, weights are increasing as well.  After not training for so long, the body has to adapt to exercises.  It's important to start with lighter weights.  There's a cool thing called muscle memory.... The body has an incredible way of remembering what it once did.  Whatever you do, DO NOT start off with heavy weights! You'll be surprised how quickly the body adapts, from there you can start adding more weight to the exercises and making exercises more difficult.  Remember to switch routines every 2-3 weeks to keep the body guessing.  Plateaus in training occur when the body becomes used to the same exercises and weight over and over again.

Monday 5/2
Legs and Triceps
Squats        5x10 60lb barbell
Lunges       5x10  15lb db
Plie squat   5x10  25lb weight plate

Tuesday 5/3
Cardio and Abs---- did not do

Wednesday 5/4
Back and Biceps
reverse flys, bent over row, one arm row
21's, and supersets

Thursday 5/5
Legs and Abs
Legs: (still sore from Monday's workout)
Squats        4x15    10lb db
Lunges       4x10   10lb db
Plie squats  4x15   25lb weight plate

Side bends 4x12   25lb db
crunches, side planks, bicycles

Friday 5/6
Shoulders and Triceps
shoulder press, front raise, rear delts

Saturday 5/7
Cardio and Biceps
5 mile run

Sunday 5/8


After 4 weeks of diligently training, following my workouts, nutrition tips and holding her accountable for her workouts, I'm happy to say that she's looking GREAT!

Just so you all know, I have her working out 6 days a week. She's doing cardio 3 days a week (a mixture of 30 minute intervals and long runs) and is weight lifting 3 days a week. I have designated days for her to focus and concentrate on specific muscle groups.

Weight: 131.2
Biceps: 11"
Thighs: 21.5"
Chest: 34.5"
Waist: 29.5"

Her long runs are designed to help her build her endurance for her goal of running 6 miles consistently. The intervals are important to include in her workout due to the afterburn affect.  The harder you work on those intervals, the more calories you burn when you're sitting at your desk at work.

She's lost a .5 inch her thighs and has gone down an 1.5 inches in her waist. Her weight has gone down a little bit, but due to her weight lifting regimin, she has replaced some fat with muscle. Her overall physique is looking incredible!

She's noticeable thinner, her arms are starting to come in nicely.  Biceps definition is slowly beginning to show and her arms are stronger to the touch.  Her stomach is noticeably thinner, and her hips have slimmed down.  Her mother even said she looked smaller!!

I have her following a strict eating routine, with minimal sugar and carefully balancing her carbs, protein and fat intake at each meal.  She's been eating 6 times a day and drinking at least 80 oz. of water every day.

The month of May will consist of heavier weights, lower reps of each exercise.  I will be challenging her  with new exercise routines so that she can continue to see results!

She continues to work hard and I'm so proud of her! The next weigh in will be during the first week of June.  Her body fat will also be measured at the next weigh in.  Pictures will be taken at the 2 month mark as well.

Hard work and dedication does pay off!   Results start when you do!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Recipe of the month!

Chunky Greek Salad with Chickpeas
serves 1
1/2 c. green pepper
1/2 c. red pepper
1/2 c. tomato
5 Kalamata olives
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1/2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp crumbled feta cheese

Mix together 1/2 cup each chopped tomato, red and green pepper.  Add 1/2 cup chickpease, rinsed and drained; 5 Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced.  Toss with 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil.  Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons crumbled reduced fat feta.

Prep time is 10 minutes.  Fresh, light and great for those hot summer days!

Nutrition: (roughly)
480 calories, 25 g fat, 16 g carbs, 8 g protein

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 1- Strength training routine

MONDAY 4/25- Legs/butt and triceps
Squats          3x10   30lbs
Split squat    3x10   no weight
Plie squat     3x10   25lbs

Donkey kicks
Fire hydrants
Up, out, up, in

TUESDAY 4/26- Cardio and abs
2 mile street run @ 18:23
reverse crunches, planks, side planks (pulsing), mermaid crunch, crunches

WEDNESDAY 4/27- Back and bis
Incline dumbbell curl           3x6  10lb
Standing off-set pinky curl  3x12 8lb
Decline hammer curl           3x25 5lb
2 minute break between sets

Barbell curl                         2x10 20lbs
Resistance band burn out    2xx  easy band

One arm row, bent over row, low row

THURSDAY 4/28- Legs and Abs
not telling you my workout!

FRIDAY 4/29- Shoulders and triceps
no workout

SATURDAY 4/30- Cardio and biceps
no workout

SUNDAY 5/1- Rest Day
5k race just for fun!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recipe of the month!

Try this delicious wrap! Great for Breakfast or a quick lunch bite!

Serves 2

1/2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 lb. ground turkey
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
6 egg whites
Kosher salt
Cracked black pepper
1 medium tomato, diced
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 whole-wheat tortillas

1. Heat olive oil in a medium nonstick skillet, add turkey and cumin. Crumble turkey as it cooks to a light golden brown, then add egg whites.
2. Continue stirring until eggs are completely white. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add tomato and cilantro, stir for one minute and remove from heat.
3. In a separate skillet (or toaster over) warm tortillas until soft. Divide turkey-egg combo evenly into tortillas, roll like a burrito and ENJOY

Nutrition facts:
359 calories, 32 g protein, 29 g carbs, 14 g fat, 5 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 550 mg sodium

This is really delicious and easy/quick to make! I recommend this one 100%

(recipe from muscle and fitness hers)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


April and May Weight Training Routine

Legs and Triceps

Cardio and Abs

Back and Biceps

Legs and Abs

Triceps and Shoulders

Cardio and Biceps


I will be following this schedule for the remainder of April and all of May.  Workouts will be different each week....

- bigger, stronger legs
- defined biceps
- defined triceps
- defined shoulders
- bigger, defined calves
- defined traps and middle back

Pictures taken on 4/20/11
 All angles of quads

 Right Arm, Biceps and Triceps

 Left Arm, Biceps and Triceps

My left arm seems to be much stronger than the right arm.  You can tell by the muscle definition in the left triceps as opposed to the right triceps.  Calves need to be a little more defined, although I'm surprised by this picture how good they actually look.  Quads are muscular, but would like the vastus lateralis (outer thigh) to bulge out a little more.  A "tear drop" shape would be great to accomplish! Back needs to have more definition in the middle/traps area. Abs, well they'd look good a little more defined.

Keep in mind, not all this will be possible to accomplish in a short 4.5 weeks, but let's see what I can do and how far I can get! Stay tuned, the party's just begun..... 

Friday, April 22, 2011


Here is the information:
April 7, 2011 information from consultation

Female, 25 years old, 5 ft 3 in

Weight: 131.6
Body Fat %: 29.5%
BMI: 23.2
Right biceps- 11"
Left biceps- 11"
Right thigh- 22"
Left thigh- 22"
Chest- 34.5"
Waist- 31"

run 6 miles consistently
run 5 miles in 50 minutes- race May 30th in Boston that she wants to do
overall definition in arms, legs and abdominal region

April 21, 2011
 right side
 left side
 front flexed
 back flexed

Her program consists of 6 days of workouts,  focusing on specific body parts each day of the week.  She is doing cardiovascular workouts 2x a week (one interval training day, and one day of long runs).  Interval training will promote an "afterburn affect" where you are burning more calories in the hours AFTER your workout.  The long runs are helping to build her endurance in order to run the 6 miles consistently.  She is following a diet that ensures the proper combination of carbs, protein and fat.

*Program is due to change to better accustom the client's needs*

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A great friend of mine from college called me a few weeks ago and discussed with me her frustration about not losing weight and wanting to "tone up" for the summer.  She has a great passion for dancing and in college always choreographed the greatest dances I've ever seen.  Her spunk and amazing attitude toward working out made me eager to want to help her out. She loves taking spin class, feels refreshed after pilates but doesn't really know what to do when it came time to hit the weights.  She shared with me that she was a little nervous about working out in front of the manly buff men at her gym (does this sound familiar to anyone?!)  I told her not to worry and that I'd take care of her!

We decided to meet for our first consultation back at the beginning of April.  I discussed with her the importance of eating correctly, exercising daily and being motivated to keep going even after a long hard day at work.  At the consultation we went over expectations of the program, her goals, nutrition, accountability and many other topics.  I took her measurements, her weight and her body fat percentage. I also reminded her of the importance of sticking to the program and the routine that has been given to her.  Because I'm not physically there with her on a weekly basis, she must be extra diligent about doing everything I say.  This is major accountability on her part, but she was eager to start! Here's another twist, in order for me to make sure she is following the meal plan and workout routines, I told her to create a account where she must track everything she ate during the day.  This serves as her food journal.  I have access to that account and I go on every night to ensure she is in fact doing what she has agreed to do.

We were in a bit of a predicament because due to both of our crazy schedules (me from Jersey and her in NYC) we found that it would be difficult to meet up on a weekly basis.  Now here's the catch!  I told her that I'd been wanting to do online training with someone and wanted to write a blog about the transformation process.  She was thrilled with the idea and from there it took off! She's agreed to let me share with you her goals, her training routine, her nutrition plan, and her pictures of before and after the process.

We are 2 weeks into the project and I have to tell you I can't be more proud of her hard work and dedication! Get ready to follow A GREAT ADVENTURE!!!

Stay tuned for the next blog! Her PICTURES, GOALS, BODY FAT, MEASUREMENTS to follow!


Today marks the beginning of my new workout program!  After 3 weeks or resting and a little bit too much relaxation, my motivation to begin exercising has arrived! 11 weeks of a grueling endurance program and a 13.1 half marathon really takes a lot out of you! But, I'm back in business and will be sharing with you some (not all) of the workouts that I do to keep myself toned up and in tip top shape!

I'll be posting in another blog, which will be up by Sunday, my workout schedule from now until the end of May.  There will be before and after pictures of what I look like in the 4.5 weeks I'll be training. I'll also be sharing with you some of my goals that I would like to fulfill in the next 4.5 weeks. I find that by blogging and keeping my fans up to date on what I'm doing count as part of my accountability and keep me from slacking off.  See, even a trainer needs to be held accountable for her workouts!

I'll also be continuing with nutrition tips as well as recipes that I've tried and find are good to share with all of you!

So, here is my workout from today. Something mild and fairly easy to get myself back into it:

2 mile run:
1 mile @ 7:35
1 mile @ 7:55

4x15 with 30lb barbell

Plie squats
4x15 with 25lb weight plate

3x12 with 10lb dbs

Calf raise
4x12 with 10lb dbs

russian twists, reverse crunch 4lb med ball, toe touches, side bends

Anyway, enjoy and learn as I post my new adventures on working out!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Before and After HM training Results

11 weeks of hard work looks like this:
                                                January 24, 2011- first few weeks of training
                                                    March 14, 2011- week 9 of training

Stomach is overall flatter and more defined in picture below

Muscle tone decreased in back and arms due to restricted strength training regimen and increased endurance training workouts

TIMED MILES COMPARISONS (from week one until week 11):
1/17/11- 3 miles @ 28 minutes
1/22/11- 2 miles @ 18:09 minutes
1/31/11- 4 miles @ 39 minutes
2/19/11- 3 miles @ 25:40 minutes
2/20/11- 7 miles @ 68 minutes
2/26/11- 4 miles @ 36 minutes
2/28/11- 9 miles @ 1:19 minutes
3/2/11-   5 miles @ 40 minutes
3/12/11- 2 miles @ 15:57 minutes
3/17/11-12 miles @ 1:39 minutes
3/27/11- 8 miles @ 69 minutes

AS OF 3/27/11:
1 mile @ 7:55 minutes
2 miles @ 16 minutes
3 miles @ 24 minutes
4 miles @ 33 minutes
5 miles @ 40 minutes

13.1 miles @ 1 hour 49 minutes

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final week of training

3/28- 3 miles @ 27 minutes

3/29- 45 minute total body toning aerobics class

3/30- 3 miles @ 24:59

3/31- Rest and stretching

4/1- Rest and stretching

4/2- Rest and stretching

4/3- RACE DAY!!!! 1 hour 49 minutes!!!! beat my time!

LEGS ARE TIGHT AND SORE! Stretching like a crazy mad woman all week! Icey/hot massage on legs! carb loading the whole week before!

RACE DAY- I arrived at Central Park at about 7:30am and was able to get a warm up in with a few stretches. I felt awesome! at about 40 minutes into the run I was totally warmed up and kicking it into gear.  I was able to find a running partner for the first 6 miles and that helped keep me from slowing down or focusing on the hills and mild muscle tightening in the legs! the GU gel packs were awesome and definitely made a difference in my stamina and kept me going.  I'd get bursts of energy where I'd kick it up a notch and go a little faster.  I had 4 GU gels about every 45 minutes or so.  I had one at mile 12 to get me through the last mile.  I picked up speed to cross the finish line and was able to achieve my race time! Overall, felt awesome, the training schedule I had was perfect! I tackled the hills and felt a lot stronger all over! I'll be running another half marathon in the future!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carb loading- Lemme show you how it's done!

*Thanks to my nutrition book- Contemporary Nutrtion- I now know the proper way to carb load before an event. * 

Pretty much everyone knows that carbs fuel our muscles for energy, correct? Well, most of us use the WRONG types of carbs to fuel our bodies for activities.  It has always been the mentality that "well, I exercised today so now I can eat whatever I want." This is the INCORRECT thought process.  Just because we exercised does not give us permission to over indulge in cookies and sweets.  These are all the WRONG carbs to be eating post exercise.  These carbs contain a high FAT content.  Basically, the body uses some of it for energy, but what can't be broken down is simply stored as fat.  That's why most people, even though they sweated out 300 calories on the treadmill, are still a little chubby in all the areas that they don't wanna be.  Make sense yet.....

Let me give you a definition about what carb loading is, and then I'll proceed to discuss high carb/ high fat foods and  high carb foods.  Carbohydrate Loading: a process in which a high carbohydrate intake is consumed for 6 days before an athletic event while tapering exercise duration in an attempt to increase muscle glycogen stores.

Carb loading is beneficial for activities like: marathons, long distance swimming, cross-country skiing, 30-kilometer runs, triathlons, soccer, cycling time trials.

Carb loading is not beneficial for activities like: American football games, walking/hiking, weightlifting, most track and field events.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what types of activities benefit from carb loading, lets look into the proper foods that should be consumed during/after/prior to competition.

People who exercise vigorously for more than 1 hour per day on a daily basis should consume a diet that includes moderate to high amounts of carbs.  These meals should be made up of a variety of food, such as grains, starchy veggies, and fruits- these are all adequate and healthy sources of carbs to restore the depleted glycogen stores after a hard day's workout.  Low carb/high protein diets are not usually recommended.  As discussed earlier, your body needs carbs for fuel.  As a general rule, carb intake should be at least 5 grams per kilogram body weight. For athletes it can be up to 7 grams per kilogram body weight.  (Check below to calculate body weight in kg).  WHAT NOT TO DO: "Before endurance events, such as marathons and triathlons, some athletes seek to increase their carb reserves by eating food such as potato chips, french fries, banana cream pie and pastries. Although such foods provide carbohydrate, they also contain a lot of fat." Now I'm not saying you can't indulge a little, because let's be honest, sometimes we have a craving, but remember that the majority of carbs MUST be coming from the healthy selection!!!! WHAT TO DO: Better high carb food choices include pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, fruits.  See the table below for some ideas:

Starches: 15 grams Carb per serving:
baked potato, 1/4 large        
bagel, 1/4 (4 oz)
cooked rice, 1/3 cup
baked beans, 1/3 cup
saltine crackers, 6
cooked pasta, 1/3 cup

Vegetables: 5 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
cooked veggies, 1/2 cup
raw veggies, 1 cup
vegetable juice, 1/2 cup
(carrots, green beans, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes)

Fruits: 15 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
canned fruit or berries, 1/2 cup
fruit juice, 1/2 cup
grapes, 17
peach, 1
banana, 1 small
apple or orange, 1 small

Milk: 12 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
milk, 1 cup
plain low fat yogurt, 2/3 cup
soymilk, 1 cup

Sweets: 15 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
cake, 2 in square
cookies, 2 small
ice cream, 1/2 cup
sherbet, 1/2 cup

6 days to competition- 60 minutes exercise, 450 grams carbs
5 days to competition- 40 minutes exercise, 450 grams carbs
4 days to competition- 40 minutes exercise, 450 grams carbs
3 days to competition- 20 minutes exercise, 600 grams carbs
2 days to competition- 20 minutes exercise, 600 grams carbs
1 days to competition- REST                        600 grams carbs

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 10

3/21- 40 min elliptical (due to snow)

3/22- my 45 minute aerobics class! total body toning!

3/23- 4 mi SPHR@ 36 min-- 2.0-4.0 incline, 6.5-7.3 speed

3/24- 5 miles- (4miles on street, 1 mile at track) @ 35:53min

3/25- REST DAY!

3/26- 6 mile run- 3 miles due to extreme cold and wind

3/27- 8 mile run @ 1:09 min (street run)

Monday (3/21)- even though its March, there was a snowstorm. My gym membership expired so I went downstairs to do 40 minutes of elliptical instead of running outside.  I wore my vibrams!

Tuesday (3/22)-   My legs were a little sore from the elliptical on Monday, but mostly my calves were achey due to the vibrams-- amazing how those shoes actually make you use your feet! Aerobics class went well, used light weights but was able to do full body workout! (Squats, lunges, bis/tris, shoulders, calves)

Wednesday (3/23)-went to my gym and paid the day fee.  I was able to get a 4 mile uphill run in.  Pretty good workout and I felt really strong.  Cranked the incline up to 4.0 and ran the last mile at 7.3 speed.

Thursday (3/24)- outside run today because the snow melted.  It was chilly but I did it! Dress warm! My legs are totally sore from the uphill 4 mile run on the treadmill yesterday.  Was hard to do the run today, but I made it through!

Friday (3/25)- REST DAY!

Saturday (3/26)- ran 3 miles with a client, too frigid and cold to complete 6 miles. Also, right hamstring is feeling way tight due to too much running and rushed work schedule.  BAD that I don't stretch as much as I should!!

Sunday (3/27)- 8 mile run in the 40 degree wind! street run and breaking in sneakers.  One week today until the big race!  Legs are tight and a little sore.  Lots of stretching this week to loosen up the legs.

ALSO CARB LOADING is a must! Look out for a blog on how to prepare your body for an extreme race!!!

As always, thanks for your support and reading my blog!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 9 is upon us

3/14- no workout (work schedule is crazy)

3/15- no run, 45 minute aerobics class (fully body toning)

3/16- CT 45 minutes

3/17- 12 mile run @ 1 hour 39 minutes - breakdown (8miles on road -roughly 8min miles, 4 miles on track)

3/18- Rest DAy

3/19- no workout

3/20- no workout

due to a crazy work schedule of early mornings, the workouts were limited and lots of rest was mandatory. Busy week of training in week 10!

12 mile run- pretty difficult being that my training took a pause for a few days.  I felt awesome running and then around mile 9 I hit a wall, but I FINISHED and thats all that matters.  I worked through the pain and desire to quit and finished with a great time.  I know that my 13 mile run for the race will be even better!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recipe to TRY!

Turkey & Egg white wrap:
1/2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 lb ground turkey
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
6 egg whites
kosher salt
cracked black pepper
1 med tomato
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 whole wheat tortillas

1. heat olive oil in a medium nonstick skillet, then add turkey and cumin. crumble turkey as it cooks to a light golden brown, then add egg whites.
2. continue stirring until eggs are completely white. season with salt and pepper to taste. add tomato and cilantro, stir for one minute and remove from heat.
3. in a separate skillet (or toaster oven) warm tortillas until soft. divide turkey-egg mixture evenly into tortillas, roll like a burrito and serve!

-Great! Quick and delicious! I recommend this recipe if you're looking for something that will keep you full for several hours.  It's a breakfast meal, but can easily be eaten for lunch!

Nutrition Facts:
359 calories, 32 g protein, 29 g carbs, 14 g fat, 5 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 550 mg sodium

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 8 training

3/7/11- 11 mile run--- did not finish!  (5 miles in 46min) the loop had lots of hills

3/8/11- aerobics class (no shows, no class) 4x4 sprints @1:16, 1:20, 1:27, 1:24, 3 minute rest between each

3/9/11- no workout

3/10/11- 4 mile intervals- 1 mile 1.0 incline @6.5 @ 9:13 min, 1 mile 0.0 incline @ 7.5 @ 8 min (repeat 2x) total of 34:45 minutes.

3/11/11- walk/run 2 miles, bis, tris, shoulders

3/12/11- 2 miles @ 15:57 min

3/13/11- no work out

Monday- feeling a little nervous about the 11 mile run that needs to get done today.  Due to the rain yesterday, I decided to wait to run the 11 miles.  As race day gets closer, its important to start running outside to get a feel for the asphalt and prepare the body for uneven ground.  Today I'm anxious to run these 11 miles, partly because I have a little doubt and that its windy and semi-chilly. HOWEVER, I'm super excited to try out my new gear! Today I'll be trying out new socks, new capri spandex, new dry wick nike tank and my livestrong wind breaker. I'll also be using my new waterbottle belt and experimenting with shot blocks.  I've mapped out a loop, thanks to, that is a total of 5 miles.  I will be doing the loop 2x around and the last mile is near my house, so it will give me great cool down time.  Here goes! Wish me luck!  DID NOT FINISH: Please remember that the loop I chose was full of hills, uneven ground, plus the wind was brutal and it wasn't as warm out as I thought it would be. * I have to say that running is mostly mental- if you're not 100% in it, chances are you'll pysche yourself out,  This is a perfect example. Notice the first words I wrote at the beginning of the paragraph.... then notice how I did not finish... coincidence?!*

Tuesday- legs are slightly sore from the 5 mile loop.  4x4 routine was difficult because my body is now trained for long distance, so sprints is a totally different training technique.  Remember that long distance running is an aerobic activity (uses oxygen).  Sprints are anaerobic (without oxygen) so it works strictly on the body's initial energy source (ATP), once that is depleted the body searches for other types of fuel. I'll write a blog later on about the difference between anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

Wednesday- due to lack of sleep, 5am wake up, 6.5 hours of work, work meeting, two afternoon training sessions, there was no time for a workout.

Thursday- legs are sore from the uphill run on monday as well as the 4x400m sprints on Tuesday.  today's workout was great and felt good.  didn't like being back inside on the treadmill due to rain.  Ran in my Vibrams!! YES!

Friday-  run/walk of 2 miles plus a short upper body workout

Saturday- 2 mile run just to get some fresh air

Sunday- no workout- 2 days of 6:30 am wake ups and two 5 am wake up days to come.... rest is more important in these situations so as to not get sick!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 7 training

2/28- 9 mile run (outside!!!) @ 1:19:05--- breakdown: 2 mi @17 min, 4 mi @36, 7 mi @57min

3/1- 45 minute aerobics class! total body toning (squats, shoulders, lunges, biceps, triceps, back)

3/2- easy 5 miles- 5 mi @ 40 minutes (outside in Vibrams)--- breakdown: 1 mi @ 7:55, 2 mi @ 16:00, 3 mi @ 24:40, 4 mi @ 33:00

3/3- CT 30-60mins but I changed for back, bis, tris workout:
            back: seated row              4x10 @ 50lbs
                     low row overhand  4x8    @ 40lbs
                    low row underhand 4x8   @ 40lbs
                    lat pull down           3x10 @40lbs

         triceps: skull crushers        3x8 @ 8-10lbs
                     overhead               3x8 @ 8-10lbs
                     kickbacks             3x8 @ 8-10lbs

          biceps: barbell curls         4x8 @30lbs
                      hammer curls      4x8  @10lbs
                      wide grip curls    3x8  @10lbs

3/4- Rest day

3/5- Rest day

3/6- Rest day

Total Miles: 14 miles 

Feeling great and amazed at how quickly my  body's adapted to training.  Overall, feeling strong and ready for week 8 of training!!! BRING IT ON!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

DMC and Hollis Brown Unite!

Hi everyone!

I have some great news to share.  This Saturday night, 2/26/11, I was able to attend an album release party for local indie band Hollis Brown They are a blues band based out of NYC and already have a huge following.  I met the band a little over 2 years ago (I know the drummer through a hs friend of mine) and ever since then have been crazy for them.  Before I became a trainer I actually wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps.  My dad worked for all the major labels (EMI, SONY, Universal) and worked with mostly the Latin American countries and their artists.  Basically my dad always had amazing stories to share with me about the business so naturally it appealed to me.  Unfortunately, I graduated college at a time where the economy was at its worst and the large companies were going through a job cut.  However, I was fortunate enough to help do some promotions and work with some great NYC artists (Todd Alsup, Alec Gross and Hollis Brown).  I had so much fun working for them, but I guess the business was to cut throat for the likes of me and my passion slowly fizzled.  Anyway, music is still a large part of me and I do what I can, when I can to spread the word about these amazing musicians.

Anywho, I'm getting to the story now! Just a little background info on myself and where I came from.  I decided to become a PT because I like staying in shape and no one has any excuses but to be the best they can be.  Plus, its fun to boss people around sometimes (JK!!).  So I was working at Gold's gym and along came Mr. Darryl McDaniels (of RUN DMC).  He popped his head in one day and every so nicely asked what I was doing the next morning and if I'd be able to train him.  I, of course, was super nervous but excited! I thought of new exercises and hoped that he'd never done them before! Anyway, our sessions were always so great and D would tell me amazing stories about his experiences as a musician and the influence he had on his listeners.  After several months of training, I told him that I too was involved with music and that my father was well known in the business. I told him who I knew in the biz  and that I used to do promotions for bands in NYC.  So, one day I asked him if he'd be interested in checking out some of the bands.  He really liked Todd Alsup but he fell in love with Hollis Brown.  I immediately let HB's manager know of the news and the rest is history.  I invited D to one of their shows in Hoboken, he came with me and ever since then he's been hooked.  So, I'm proud to share this story with everyone as well as the photos and videos of this Saturday's album release party.  What an amazing show and it was SO cool to hear D give me a shout out up on stage.  Please please check out Hollis Brown and buy their latest album through their website, or find their first album on iTunes.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 6 training

2/21- ES 5 miles-- 4.46 miles @ 44minutes

2/22- aerobics class- no class held

2/23- 4 miles SPHR

2/24- cross training (did not do)- photoshoot

2/25- Rest day

2/26- E 4 miles-- 4 miles @36 mins @.5 incline @6.5-6.8 , warm up mile in 11 min @ 5.0 pace

2/27- 9 miles- did not do (family party)

Monday- totally different energy level from morning runs to afternoon runs after work.  usually I speed through these workouts with very little exhaustion.  I guess after the 7 mile run on 2/20 I guess my legs were little more tired than I thought.  but also the energy level is so different.  usually I'm a 10-11 am gym goer (fresh off sleep and just after eating breakfast), I'm ready to go.  today though, not so good, I could barely get through 4 miles. my legs were fine, but my knees were hurting a lit and so were my hips.  this is also due to the fact that I woke up at 5 am this morning, worked for 6.5 hours, was not well fed due to crazy work schedule, didn't sleep well.  as you can see, this all plays a huge role in performance of exercising.  man am I getting tired of running EVERY DAY on the treadmill.

Tuesday- no class was held due to no participants. holiday weeks kill business!

Wednesday- 4  miles up hill run

Thursday- had a photoshoot so had to get ready for it all day

Friday- Rest day and my boyfriend was in town

Saturday- 4 mile run

Sunday- was in long island for a family party all day so was unable to do the run. will do tomorrow!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 5 Training

2/14- easy 4 miles-  warm up: 1 mile @ 12 min @ 5.0 then 4 miles 6.5 @0.0-0.5 incline @ 36 minutes
Total miles 5.50

2/15- Total body toning Aerobics class for 45 minutes.

2/16- Leg workout- squats:            5x5 @90lbs, 4x5 @95lbs
                                leg press:        5x5 @90lbs, ballarina toes, straight toes, feet together
                                static lunges:  5x8 @24lbs (12lb db's)
                               hammie curls: 5x8 @ 60lbs
                               calves:            4x10 @ 90lbs

2/17- cross training- ZUMBA class

2/18- REST DAY!

2/19- 3 mile GRP- 25:40 minutes @ 7.0 (8:30 mile) + 12 minute mile warm up at 5.0 .5 incline + 12 minute cool down at 5.1-- ran with my Vibrams!!!
Total miles: 5.03 miles in 50 minutes

2/20- long run 7 miles- 68minutes- played with 0.0-0.5 incline, speeds of 5.5-7.0 (kicked up mile 6-7 @ 7.0 speed- roughly 8:35 mile)
Total miles: 7 miles

Total miles for week: 17.53 miles

So overall, not too much soreness in the legs.  I'm feeling much stronger this year that when I was training for last year's race.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tips on staying strong

Hi everyone-

I know that for a lot of you running is like going to the dentist. You have to do it to look good, but you despise it in all dimensions of the universe.  For the crazy people (I'm one of them) who love to run, we've learned to find enjoyment in this crazy exercise.  I remember in high school when I ran track people would ask me "HOW DO YOU LIKE RUNNING?!"  Well, besides the fact that I'm pretty awful at any sport that involves the use of a ball (hey, no dirty thoughts), I learned to find the freedom in running.  Running to me is an escape from all that's bothering me.  I put on my head phones and I hit the track.  Yes, of course I get tired and eventually lose steam, but it's what goes through my mind that keeps me going. And this, kids, is what I'm going to write to you today.

Tips on how to survive a run:

Music- the long and short of it. Let's face it, if you don't have music that pumps you up, you're pretty much going to die off after 3 steps.  Wether its angry music that will help get frustration out, or up beat music that will help you get through it.  Either way, find something that will motivate you to keep going.

Relax- yes, that's right, relaxation while you run is the most important part in the act of running.  The only thing that should really be going are your legs.  Keep the shoulders down, relax the arms and let them move naturally as you run.

Breath- it is possible to breath.  Just because your legs are moving like crazy, does not mean that your breathing should match.  Take deep, calm breaths... in through the nose and out the mouth.  When you calm the breathing down, the body adapts and you'll automatically relax.

So while I'm in the midst of my long runs, easy strides, whatever the training entails, I'm focusing on the music. When I listen to it, I try to find a rhythm in the song that I can pace myself to.  If the song has a good beat, I match my strides to it and it helps me save my energy.  I'll listen to the song 4 or 5 times in a row because I'm on a good rhythm.  I always make sure that everything is relaxed and that I'm taking deep breaths every few minutes.  My mind is not focused on pain, or how many minutes have passed by, my mind is focused on the beat of my steps and the movement of my body.  When I start getting tired, whether I'm on the treadmill or running outside, I turn to mind games.  For example, I pick a point in the song and decide on a mini goal that I have to achieve before that spot in the song.  Let's say I pick a light post and I have to reach that light post before the beginning of the chorus.  I pick up the pace and make sure I get to that spot.  This helps with boredom and allows you to focus on something bigger than the running.  When I'm running, I'm focusing on getting through the finish line, or focusing on "damn, I just beat my 4 mile time from last week" and from there you get stronger.

Most of running is psychological.  Anyone and everyone can run.  You can't let your mind take control, mind over matter.

Tips on cheating when you're getting tired:
-slow the legs down, and move the arms faster (this saves some energy in the legs and the momentum of your arms will bring you forward- only use this tactic sporadically when you feel like giving up)
-run on the balls of your feet (this will engage the calves, which are powerful assets in your running)
-keep your legs centered underneath you (this will help keep your strides even)
-take longer strides (this helps you cover more ground in less time)
-abs tight, shoulders back


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 4 training

2/7- 4 mile run-  0.0-.5 incline @ 5.5-7.5 speed-- 38:40 minutes

2/8- cross training/aerobics class-- REST DAY

2/9- SPHR (3miles)

2/10- LR 5 miles- X

2/11- GRP 3 miles- X (Full body workout instead

2/12- ZUMBA training


Monday 2/7- today was a crazy day. I trained early that morning but decided to come home after and take a quick nap (here's the thing, because I'm active and on my feet all day -not to mention getting over a cold- it's a smarter idea for me to get enough sleep then kill myself training). I was crunched for time due to a doctor's appointment at 1pm.  I had planned on doing the 5 mile run from the day before, but about 3 miles into it and it already was 11:30, I cranked it up to 7.5 (pissed off and irritated) and was able to bust out 4 miles.  It was not enjoyable and working out irritated or pissed off is not the most enjoyable way to get through a workout.

Tuesday 2/8- I just accepted to teach an aerobics class for 2 hours every Tuesday.  No one had signed up for the class today so my cross training was not completed.  Tomorrow I will be following the new schedule.  Because I've already run 1 half marathon before, I have a better idea of what to expect.  I will be cutting down on the amount of miles that will be run, but will be focusing on doing more hill runs.  I will combine the shorter runs with hills therefore getting a double workout in one. So, in the end, today turned out to be REST DAY.

Wednesday 2/9- today I ran 3 miles up hill, and 1 mile just for the fun of it.  3 miles at 6.0 incline 2.0 (total time of 28 minutes), the last mile was at 7.0 on 0.0 incline

Thursday 2/10- Traveling to MA for training (3.5 hour drive)

Friday 2/11- full body workout (1 hour) at training for work.

Saturday 2/12- (ZUMBA Instructor Class) dancing all day.  1 hour master class of Zumba.

Sunday 2/13- REST DAY

Sunday, February 6, 2011

week 3 training

Let the 3rd week begin!

1/31- Easy strides 4 miles---- just under 39 mins @10 min mile pace except last mile was 9:45 min pace(3miles 6.0, 1 mile 6.7)

2/1- Cross Training day--- 25 minutes stepmaster @ level 7 resistance, and weird machine for 15 minutes

2/2- REST day because I was sick-- would have been 4 hill repeats

2/3- easy 4 miles--- 37 minutes @ 6.0-7.5 @.5 incline

2/4-REST day

2/5- Goal Race Pace- 3 miles @ 28:35min-- total miles 5.38, 15min warm up 5.0-5.5 @.5 incline (mile 2-3 was incline 1.0-2.0 @ 6.0-6.1 speed) 10 min cool down at 5.0 speed and .5 incline

2/6- 5 mile LSD-- will be done 2/7/11

TOTAL MILES for the week: 14 miles

So far, feeling AMAZING and the training is going great!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

week 2 training

1/24- easy strides 3 miles- did not do
1/25- cross training 30-60 mins
1/26- speed repeats- substituted lifting for legs
1/27- cross training 30-60 mins- cardio salsa class
1/28-  GRP 2miles
1/29- REST day
1/30- Long run 4 miles- did not do

Mon 1/24- didn't have time during the day, and no time after work to hit up the gym

Tues 1/25- i did about 20 minutes on the bicycle and 25 minutes on the elliptical. not too fast, but quick enough to keep my heart rate up and breathing fairly heavy.  legs were feeling pretty good.

Wed 1/26- due to the snow, my schedule was pushed back a half hour, so I had limited time for a workout.  I chose not to do speed repeats (2 miles) but did a pretty nice leg workout instead. Here it is:

Squats- 5x5 @95 lbs- slightly challenging
Leg Curl- 3x10 @65 lbs- slightly challenging
Stiff Leg DL- 4x8 @40 lbs- pretty easy
Hamstring curl- 4x10 @50 lbs- challenging
Calves- 4x10 @95 lbs- challenging
Donkey kicks- 4x10
Straightside- 3x10

Chose to do lower weight, higher reps as to not totally fry the legs.  More for keeping the legs in shape as opposed to building muscle.  Sore legs= I can't run!

Thurs 1/27- hamstrings are sore as hell, glutes are a little sore, quads are fine. Cardio Salsa was....

Fri 1/28- 2 miles quick between training sessions.  about 3 miles in 30 minutes. 10 min warm up, no time for a cool down- ouch!

Sat 1/29- REST DAY due to birthday festivities

Sun 1/30- 4 mile long run, did not do--- will do all of week 3 set training schedule!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips to smaller portions

I was reading today and something interesting caught my attention.....

Most of us are always worried about eating too much, portion size, etc.  We also usually don't have a food scale in the house to measure out specific quantities of food.

So why not try this instead? In an article they mentioned to reverse plate size.  Remember those little plates called salad plates?  Well, their suggestion was to flip the plates.  Use the salad plates to hold high calorie meats and pastas and fill up the regular plates with lots of colorful veggies.  I thought that was a pretty nifty idea to share with you kids.  If you are planning on buying new plates, look into plates that are 10 inches in diameter. A smaller plate will save you 22% fewer calories which can translate into a 2 pound weight loss in just 1 month.

Pretty cool, huh?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tunes to keep you moving!

Hey all-

Here are some of the tunes that keep me motivated to stay strong!  I zone out into the music and focus on finding a pace within the song.

warm up songs:
Sean Kingston- take you there
Sean Kingston- letting go
Run DMC- tricky

running songs:
Kesha- blah blah blah
Taio Cruz- break your heart
Sean Kingston- fire burning
AAR- stab my back
Edward Mya- stereo love
Janet Jackson- black cat
Avril Lavigne- what the hell
Rob Thomas- how far we've come
Miley Cyrus- see you again
Britney Spears- stronger
Whiz Kalifah- black and yellow
Jonas Brothers- paranoid
Justin Bieber- somebody to love

More songs to be posted as I experiment in my training!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

week 1 training

1/17- 3 miles @ 28:45
1/18- Cross Training- rip and ride, spin class with resistance training, 1hr length
1/19- Speed intervals- 5.5 for 10 mins, 1mile 8:37 @ 7.0, 5 min rest at 2.5, 1 mile 8:34 @ 7.0, 5.0 for 10 min- total of 3.85 miles
1/20- Cross Training- 20 minutes stationary bicycle, 30 minutes elliptical
1/21- Rest day!
1/22- GRP 2 miles- 5.5 for 10 mins, 2 miles @ 6.6 (18:09), 5.0 for 10 mins
1/23- Long Run- 4 miles @ 6.0-6.5 @ 39 minutes


Day 1 (1/17)- feeling good, but probably running a little quicker then I should be, granted its 8:30pm and I'm working out AFTER training people for 5.5 hours.  At this point, I just wanted to get the workout over with and be on my way home.  But can't skip out on the first day of training, otherwise the whole week is shot! Breathing was a little heavy and I probably shouldn't have eaten a banana right before running- it felt kind of heavy in my stomach. As far as music goes, well usually anything that has a great upbeat tempo.

Day 2 (1/18)- legs aren't too bad, probably because I've been doing 3 miles here and there the last few months.  For my cross training, I chose to partake in a spin class.  Now I've never done a spin class before, but I have to say it was enjoyable. It was tough and I felt it more in the outer thighs (vastus lateralis).  Let me tell you, my legs were burning by the end.

Day 3 (1/19)-my legs are toast.  It's a different type of training then my regular leg workouts (squats, leg press, single leg press, hamstring curls, calves, split squats).  The spin class I took didn't help with the soreness. Definitely an endurance workout for sure. I was going strong then by the end I just couldn't do it! My speed intervals sure as hell didn't help either. I'm sure my legs will be achey tomorrow.

Day 4 (1/20)- cross training- nice and easy, nothing too strenuous.

Day 5 (1/21)- REST DAY! Legs are a little sore from the CT but nothing too bad.  Was able to recover pretty well to prep for the next day's activities.

Day 6 (1/22)- run the miles at the speed you'd like to run your race in.  Not too tired, slight pull in the right hamstring, and knees feel a little pressure. (will be sure to wear my knee brace the next time)

Day 7 (1/23)- legs are slowly getting used to the running! I felt pretty good by mile 3. (There will be a blog post on tips and tricks on how to conserve your energy while you're running to keep you going).

Overall, a great first week! :0) Stay tuned for next week's workouts and updates!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

11 Week Half Marathon Training Program

CT= Cross Train, SR= Speed Repeats,  LR= Long Run,  GRP= Goal Race Pace, H=Hills, E=Easy, ES=Easy Stride, SPHR= Slow Pace Hill Run, AC= Aerobics Class (2hrs)

Week 1 (Jan 17-Jan 23)
Mon                     Tues                       Wed
ES 3mi             CT 30-60min        SR 2 repeats                                                                             
Thurs                    Fri                 Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min      REST            GRP 2 mi         LR 4mi

Week 2  (Jan 24- 30)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 3mi          CT 30-60min        SR 2 repeats    
Thurs                       Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min         REST          GRP 2 mi          LR 4mi

Week 3  (Jan 31- Feb 6) 
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi         CT 30-60min          H 4 repeats      
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
E 4 mi            REST           GRP 3 mi         LR 5mi

Week 4  (Feb 7- Feb 13)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                  
ES 4mi         AC                   SPHR (3miles)    
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun
CT 30-60min      REST        GRP 3 mi            LR 5mi

Week 5  (Feb 14- Feb 20)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi         AC                        E 4 mi      
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min   REST          GRP 3 mi           LR 7mi

Week 6  (Feb 21-Feb 27)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 5mi          AC                       SPHR (4miles)  
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min    REST          GRP 3 mi          LR 9mi

Week 7  (Feb 28- Mar 6)
Mon              Tues                Wed                 
ES 4mi          AC                   E 5 mi        
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min  REST         REST            LR 11mi

Week 8  (Mar 6-Mar 13)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi          AC                      SPHR (4 miles)  
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min     REST       GRP 5 mi           LR 9mi

Week 9 (Mar 14- Mar 20)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi          AC                      REST        
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
 E 6 mi            REST      GRP 4 mi           LR 12mi

Week 10  (Mar 21- Mar 27)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                  
ES 4mi          AC                   SPHR (4miles)
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun
CT 30-60min    REST      GRP 6 mi          LR 8mi

Week 11  (Mar 28- Apr 3)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi        aerobics class     SPHR (3 miles)        
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
E 4 mi              REST        E 2.5mi         RACE DAY!

My Half Marathon Adventures

Hello all-

Just wanted to share with all of you what my new years resolutions are:

-run my 2nd half marathon in 1 hour 45 min
-compete in a figure competition

I plan on writing down the outline of my half marathon training schedule.  I will be starting this grueling endurance training on Monday January 17th and will continue training up until race day, which is April 3rd!  I'm mentally preparing myself for figuring out not only my work schedule (which is quickly filling up) but also my training schedule.  When I went through the training process last year, I went about it the wrong way.  My nutrition was insufficient, the 4:15 am wake up calls 3 days a week were exhausting, and the training was harder than expected.  Looking back at it, I pretty much winged the whole thing.  When race day came around, well I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  That's a whole other story in itself.

So, to say the least, I know what the heck I'm getting into this time, and I'll be keeping track of everything, from my timed miles, interval training, uphill training as well as nutrition and how I'm feeling.  I hope to make this as an insight to those of you who are seriously thinking about changing your lives.  I'll even include pictures if need be to show the transformation of my body so that you can actually see what your body is really capable of.  It's pretty amazing and I'm exciting to share with you the amazing journey that will start in just a few short days.

I will be following the same routine I used last year, with a few alterations that I may come across online.  The program I followed last year came straight out of Fitness Magazine, and it seemed to help me.

The first few weeks of training will be lighter, just to begin to prepare the body for the long road ahead.  I'll unofficially record this 3 mile time so that I have a base to start off on:

Sunday January 9- 3 miles @ 6.5 @ 26:30

So get ready for some fun!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions!

Results are not seen by watching, results are seen by doing.  Step up, take the challenge and make a change.

Happy New Year everyone! Now is the time where we wipe our slate clean, start over, and set new and amazing goals for ourselves.  But in reality, how many of us really stick to those goals?  The biggest resolution is the "I want to get fit and lose weight" resolution... Most of us within a month of joining the gym and busting our ass on the elliptical for an hour get discouraged because results are not being seen.  There are several reasons for this, and I can't stress to you enough the reason why results are not seen in just a short month.  First of all, it takes 90 days to create a habit.  Humans are creatures of habit, so our body only starts to get used to doing something in a routine after 3 months.  If we give up a month into it, we are not allowing our bodies to adjust and readapt to the changes that are slowly being made inside of us.    Give it time! I assure you that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.  Hell, we didn't give up driving after we crashed into the garage the first time on our own, did we? NO! We got angry and DID IT AGAIN and AGAIN until we got GOOD AT IT! It's the same thing with exercise!  If you don't do it right the first time, find your inner motivation (anger, your sister saying you have grandma arms)- whatever it is, find it and keep going.  Learn from it!

Another reason we give up shortly within a month of swearing this year will be different, is because let's face it, the gym is a scary place.  All these strange machines, macho dudes lifting 800lbs over their heads, or just not knowing what the hell to do.  We go on the tours, listen to the dudeman whose saying this and that about how great the gym is and trying to absorb as much info as possible.  You're not sure what exercises to do, the girl next to you is doing a great ab exercise so you watch out the corner of your eye to see what she's doing, then copy it.  You're more concerned about looking stupid at a machine than actually doing the exercises right.  So, problem solved!  Ask for help! Hire a TRAINER- someone who is educated and well versed in the anatomy of the human body, and who can design a custom program based on your needs.  If you claim you're really serious about losing weight this year, why not just indulge in it all and learn how to do it right- the first time and forever!  Trainers are there to help you.  Our job is to teach you how and why you're doing exercises.  Proper form, correct weight, breathing and the right exercises will ultimately lead to the results you've always dreamed of.  Think about it, you already made the first step, the hardest step I may say! You JOINED THE GYM!  Not only will Trainers help you achieve your goals faster, we will ensure that you're not injuring yourself and wait, here's the best part, workouts are cut in half- yes HALF! For those of you crammed for time, your workout will be fast, efficient, difficult and you'll be done in an hour.  NO MORE WONDERING around the gym, watching other people do what you think is something for the shoulders, and wasting time doing absolutely nothing.

Another reason we drop out- Motivation.  This one's a killer.  Motivation is tied to seeing results.  Ultimately, if we're not seeing results after killing ourselves and pouring sweat on the stepmaster we tend to get discouraged.  Motivation will make or break you.  You have to seriously look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how badly you want it.  If you're doing it just to do it or because thats what New Year Resolutions are for, I'm going to be brutally honest, you won't last a month.  Dig deep inside, feel it in your gut and just go for it.  Motivation is not something someone can give you, its that little something inside you that keeps you going day in day out.  Find it and you'll be on your way to great transformations.


This year grab the bull by the horns, look him in the eyes and tell it you're not afraid!  You're the master of your destiny so take control and as Nike says, Just Do It!