Sunday, January 30, 2011

week 2 training

1/24- easy strides 3 miles- did not do
1/25- cross training 30-60 mins
1/26- speed repeats- substituted lifting for legs
1/27- cross training 30-60 mins- cardio salsa class
1/28-  GRP 2miles
1/29- REST day
1/30- Long run 4 miles- did not do

Mon 1/24- didn't have time during the day, and no time after work to hit up the gym

Tues 1/25- i did about 20 minutes on the bicycle and 25 minutes on the elliptical. not too fast, but quick enough to keep my heart rate up and breathing fairly heavy.  legs were feeling pretty good.

Wed 1/26- due to the snow, my schedule was pushed back a half hour, so I had limited time for a workout.  I chose not to do speed repeats (2 miles) but did a pretty nice leg workout instead. Here it is:

Squats- 5x5 @95 lbs- slightly challenging
Leg Curl- 3x10 @65 lbs- slightly challenging
Stiff Leg DL- 4x8 @40 lbs- pretty easy
Hamstring curl- 4x10 @50 lbs- challenging
Calves- 4x10 @95 lbs- challenging
Donkey kicks- 4x10
Straightside- 3x10

Chose to do lower weight, higher reps as to not totally fry the legs.  More for keeping the legs in shape as opposed to building muscle.  Sore legs= I can't run!

Thurs 1/27- hamstrings are sore as hell, glutes are a little sore, quads are fine. Cardio Salsa was....

Fri 1/28- 2 miles quick between training sessions.  about 3 miles in 30 minutes. 10 min warm up, no time for a cool down- ouch!

Sat 1/29- REST DAY due to birthday festivities

Sun 1/30- 4 mile long run, did not do--- will do all of week 3 set training schedule!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips to smaller portions

I was reading today and something interesting caught my attention.....

Most of us are always worried about eating too much, portion size, etc.  We also usually don't have a food scale in the house to measure out specific quantities of food.

So why not try this instead? In an article they mentioned to reverse plate size.  Remember those little plates called salad plates?  Well, their suggestion was to flip the plates.  Use the salad plates to hold high calorie meats and pastas and fill up the regular plates with lots of colorful veggies.  I thought that was a pretty nifty idea to share with you kids.  If you are planning on buying new plates, look into plates that are 10 inches in diameter. A smaller plate will save you 22% fewer calories which can translate into a 2 pound weight loss in just 1 month.

Pretty cool, huh?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tunes to keep you moving!

Hey all-

Here are some of the tunes that keep me motivated to stay strong!  I zone out into the music and focus on finding a pace within the song.

warm up songs:
Sean Kingston- take you there
Sean Kingston- letting go
Run DMC- tricky

running songs:
Kesha- blah blah blah
Taio Cruz- break your heart
Sean Kingston- fire burning
AAR- stab my back
Edward Mya- stereo love
Janet Jackson- black cat
Avril Lavigne- what the hell
Rob Thomas- how far we've come
Miley Cyrus- see you again
Britney Spears- stronger
Whiz Kalifah- black and yellow
Jonas Brothers- paranoid
Justin Bieber- somebody to love

More songs to be posted as I experiment in my training!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

week 1 training

1/17- 3 miles @ 28:45
1/18- Cross Training- rip and ride, spin class with resistance training, 1hr length
1/19- Speed intervals- 5.5 for 10 mins, 1mile 8:37 @ 7.0, 5 min rest at 2.5, 1 mile 8:34 @ 7.0, 5.0 for 10 min- total of 3.85 miles
1/20- Cross Training- 20 minutes stationary bicycle, 30 minutes elliptical
1/21- Rest day!
1/22- GRP 2 miles- 5.5 for 10 mins, 2 miles @ 6.6 (18:09), 5.0 for 10 mins
1/23- Long Run- 4 miles @ 6.0-6.5 @ 39 minutes


Day 1 (1/17)- feeling good, but probably running a little quicker then I should be, granted its 8:30pm and I'm working out AFTER training people for 5.5 hours.  At this point, I just wanted to get the workout over with and be on my way home.  But can't skip out on the first day of training, otherwise the whole week is shot! Breathing was a little heavy and I probably shouldn't have eaten a banana right before running- it felt kind of heavy in my stomach. As far as music goes, well usually anything that has a great upbeat tempo.

Day 2 (1/18)- legs aren't too bad, probably because I've been doing 3 miles here and there the last few months.  For my cross training, I chose to partake in a spin class.  Now I've never done a spin class before, but I have to say it was enjoyable. It was tough and I felt it more in the outer thighs (vastus lateralis).  Let me tell you, my legs were burning by the end.

Day 3 (1/19)-my legs are toast.  It's a different type of training then my regular leg workouts (squats, leg press, single leg press, hamstring curls, calves, split squats).  The spin class I took didn't help with the soreness. Definitely an endurance workout for sure. I was going strong then by the end I just couldn't do it! My speed intervals sure as hell didn't help either. I'm sure my legs will be achey tomorrow.

Day 4 (1/20)- cross training- nice and easy, nothing too strenuous.

Day 5 (1/21)- REST DAY! Legs are a little sore from the CT but nothing too bad.  Was able to recover pretty well to prep for the next day's activities.

Day 6 (1/22)- run the miles at the speed you'd like to run your race in.  Not too tired, slight pull in the right hamstring, and knees feel a little pressure. (will be sure to wear my knee brace the next time)

Day 7 (1/23)- legs are slowly getting used to the running! I felt pretty good by mile 3. (There will be a blog post on tips and tricks on how to conserve your energy while you're running to keep you going).

Overall, a great first week! :0) Stay tuned for next week's workouts and updates!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

11 Week Half Marathon Training Program

CT= Cross Train, SR= Speed Repeats,  LR= Long Run,  GRP= Goal Race Pace, H=Hills, E=Easy, ES=Easy Stride, SPHR= Slow Pace Hill Run, AC= Aerobics Class (2hrs)

Week 1 (Jan 17-Jan 23)
Mon                     Tues                       Wed
ES 3mi             CT 30-60min        SR 2 repeats                                                                             
Thurs                    Fri                 Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min      REST            GRP 2 mi         LR 4mi

Week 2  (Jan 24- 30)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 3mi          CT 30-60min        SR 2 repeats    
Thurs                       Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min         REST          GRP 2 mi          LR 4mi

Week 3  (Jan 31- Feb 6) 
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi         CT 30-60min          H 4 repeats      
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
E 4 mi            REST           GRP 3 mi         LR 5mi

Week 4  (Feb 7- Feb 13)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                  
ES 4mi         AC                   SPHR (3miles)    
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun
CT 30-60min      REST        GRP 3 mi            LR 5mi

Week 5  (Feb 14- Feb 20)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi         AC                        E 4 mi      
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min   REST          GRP 3 mi           LR 7mi

Week 6  (Feb 21-Feb 27)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 5mi          AC                       SPHR (4miles)  
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min    REST          GRP 3 mi          LR 9mi

Week 7  (Feb 28- Mar 6)
Mon              Tues                Wed                 
ES 4mi          AC                   E 5 mi        
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min  REST         REST            LR 11mi

Week 8  (Mar 6-Mar 13)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi          AC                      SPHR (4 miles)  
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
CT 30-60min     REST       GRP 5 mi           LR 9mi

Week 9 (Mar 14- Mar 20)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi          AC                      REST        
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
 E 6 mi            REST      GRP 4 mi           LR 12mi

Week 10  (Mar 21- Mar 27)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                  
ES 4mi          AC                   SPHR (4miles)
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun
CT 30-60min    REST      GRP 6 mi          LR 8mi

Week 11  (Mar 28- Apr 3)
Mon              Tues                     Wed                 
ES 4mi        aerobics class     SPHR (3 miles)        
Thurs               Fri                  Sat                   Sun 
E 4 mi              REST        E 2.5mi         RACE DAY!

My Half Marathon Adventures

Hello all-

Just wanted to share with all of you what my new years resolutions are:

-run my 2nd half marathon in 1 hour 45 min
-compete in a figure competition

I plan on writing down the outline of my half marathon training schedule.  I will be starting this grueling endurance training on Monday January 17th and will continue training up until race day, which is April 3rd!  I'm mentally preparing myself for figuring out not only my work schedule (which is quickly filling up) but also my training schedule.  When I went through the training process last year, I went about it the wrong way.  My nutrition was insufficient, the 4:15 am wake up calls 3 days a week were exhausting, and the training was harder than expected.  Looking back at it, I pretty much winged the whole thing.  When race day came around, well I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  That's a whole other story in itself.

So, to say the least, I know what the heck I'm getting into this time, and I'll be keeping track of everything, from my timed miles, interval training, uphill training as well as nutrition and how I'm feeling.  I hope to make this as an insight to those of you who are seriously thinking about changing your lives.  I'll even include pictures if need be to show the transformation of my body so that you can actually see what your body is really capable of.  It's pretty amazing and I'm exciting to share with you the amazing journey that will start in just a few short days.

I will be following the same routine I used last year, with a few alterations that I may come across online.  The program I followed last year came straight out of Fitness Magazine, and it seemed to help me.

The first few weeks of training will be lighter, just to begin to prepare the body for the long road ahead.  I'll unofficially record this 3 mile time so that I have a base to start off on:

Sunday January 9- 3 miles @ 6.5 @ 26:30

So get ready for some fun!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions!

Results are not seen by watching, results are seen by doing.  Step up, take the challenge and make a change.

Happy New Year everyone! Now is the time where we wipe our slate clean, start over, and set new and amazing goals for ourselves.  But in reality, how many of us really stick to those goals?  The biggest resolution is the "I want to get fit and lose weight" resolution... Most of us within a month of joining the gym and busting our ass on the elliptical for an hour get discouraged because results are not being seen.  There are several reasons for this, and I can't stress to you enough the reason why results are not seen in just a short month.  First of all, it takes 90 days to create a habit.  Humans are creatures of habit, so our body only starts to get used to doing something in a routine after 3 months.  If we give up a month into it, we are not allowing our bodies to adjust and readapt to the changes that are slowly being made inside of us.    Give it time! I assure you that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.  Hell, we didn't give up driving after we crashed into the garage the first time on our own, did we? NO! We got angry and DID IT AGAIN and AGAIN until we got GOOD AT IT! It's the same thing with exercise!  If you don't do it right the first time, find your inner motivation (anger, your sister saying you have grandma arms)- whatever it is, find it and keep going.  Learn from it!

Another reason we give up shortly within a month of swearing this year will be different, is because let's face it, the gym is a scary place.  All these strange machines, macho dudes lifting 800lbs over their heads, or just not knowing what the hell to do.  We go on the tours, listen to the dudeman whose saying this and that about how great the gym is and trying to absorb as much info as possible.  You're not sure what exercises to do, the girl next to you is doing a great ab exercise so you watch out the corner of your eye to see what she's doing, then copy it.  You're more concerned about looking stupid at a machine than actually doing the exercises right.  So, problem solved!  Ask for help! Hire a TRAINER- someone who is educated and well versed in the anatomy of the human body, and who can design a custom program based on your needs.  If you claim you're really serious about losing weight this year, why not just indulge in it all and learn how to do it right- the first time and forever!  Trainers are there to help you.  Our job is to teach you how and why you're doing exercises.  Proper form, correct weight, breathing and the right exercises will ultimately lead to the results you've always dreamed of.  Think about it, you already made the first step, the hardest step I may say! You JOINED THE GYM!  Not only will Trainers help you achieve your goals faster, we will ensure that you're not injuring yourself and wait, here's the best part, workouts are cut in half- yes HALF! For those of you crammed for time, your workout will be fast, efficient, difficult and you'll be done in an hour.  NO MORE WONDERING around the gym, watching other people do what you think is something for the shoulders, and wasting time doing absolutely nothing.

Another reason we drop out- Motivation.  This one's a killer.  Motivation is tied to seeing results.  Ultimately, if we're not seeing results after killing ourselves and pouring sweat on the stepmaster we tend to get discouraged.  Motivation will make or break you.  You have to seriously look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how badly you want it.  If you're doing it just to do it or because thats what New Year Resolutions are for, I'm going to be brutally honest, you won't last a month.  Dig deep inside, feel it in your gut and just go for it.  Motivation is not something someone can give you, its that little something inside you that keeps you going day in day out.  Find it and you'll be on your way to great transformations.


This year grab the bull by the horns, look him in the eyes and tell it you're not afraid!  You're the master of your destiny so take control and as Nike says, Just Do It!