Monday, February 28, 2011

DMC and Hollis Brown Unite!

Hi everyone!

I have some great news to share.  This Saturday night, 2/26/11, I was able to attend an album release party for local indie band Hollis Brown They are a blues band based out of NYC and already have a huge following.  I met the band a little over 2 years ago (I know the drummer through a hs friend of mine) and ever since then have been crazy for them.  Before I became a trainer I actually wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps.  My dad worked for all the major labels (EMI, SONY, Universal) and worked with mostly the Latin American countries and their artists.  Basically my dad always had amazing stories to share with me about the business so naturally it appealed to me.  Unfortunately, I graduated college at a time where the economy was at its worst and the large companies were going through a job cut.  However, I was fortunate enough to help do some promotions and work with some great NYC artists (Todd Alsup, Alec Gross and Hollis Brown).  I had so much fun working for them, but I guess the business was to cut throat for the likes of me and my passion slowly fizzled.  Anyway, music is still a large part of me and I do what I can, when I can to spread the word about these amazing musicians.

Anywho, I'm getting to the story now! Just a little background info on myself and where I came from.  I decided to become a PT because I like staying in shape and no one has any excuses but to be the best they can be.  Plus, its fun to boss people around sometimes (JK!!).  So I was working at Gold's gym and along came Mr. Darryl McDaniels (of RUN DMC).  He popped his head in one day and every so nicely asked what I was doing the next morning and if I'd be able to train him.  I, of course, was super nervous but excited! I thought of new exercises and hoped that he'd never done them before! Anyway, our sessions were always so great and D would tell me amazing stories about his experiences as a musician and the influence he had on his listeners.  After several months of training, I told him that I too was involved with music and that my father was well known in the business. I told him who I knew in the biz  and that I used to do promotions for bands in NYC.  So, one day I asked him if he'd be interested in checking out some of the bands.  He really liked Todd Alsup but he fell in love with Hollis Brown.  I immediately let HB's manager know of the news and the rest is history.  I invited D to one of their shows in Hoboken, he came with me and ever since then he's been hooked.  So, I'm proud to share this story with everyone as well as the photos and videos of this Saturday's album release party.  What an amazing show and it was SO cool to hear D give me a shout out up on stage.  Please please check out Hollis Brown and buy their latest album through their website, or find their first album on iTunes.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 6 training

2/21- ES 5 miles-- 4.46 miles @ 44minutes

2/22- aerobics class- no class held

2/23- 4 miles SPHR

2/24- cross training (did not do)- photoshoot

2/25- Rest day

2/26- E 4 miles-- 4 miles @36 mins @.5 incline @6.5-6.8 , warm up mile in 11 min @ 5.0 pace

2/27- 9 miles- did not do (family party)

Monday- totally different energy level from morning runs to afternoon runs after work.  usually I speed through these workouts with very little exhaustion.  I guess after the 7 mile run on 2/20 I guess my legs were little more tired than I thought.  but also the energy level is so different.  usually I'm a 10-11 am gym goer (fresh off sleep and just after eating breakfast), I'm ready to go.  today though, not so good, I could barely get through 4 miles. my legs were fine, but my knees were hurting a lit and so were my hips.  this is also due to the fact that I woke up at 5 am this morning, worked for 6.5 hours, was not well fed due to crazy work schedule, didn't sleep well.  as you can see, this all plays a huge role in performance of exercising.  man am I getting tired of running EVERY DAY on the treadmill.

Tuesday- no class was held due to no participants. holiday weeks kill business!

Wednesday- 4  miles up hill run

Thursday- had a photoshoot so had to get ready for it all day

Friday- Rest day and my boyfriend was in town

Saturday- 4 mile run

Sunday- was in long island for a family party all day so was unable to do the run. will do tomorrow!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 5 Training

2/14- easy 4 miles-  warm up: 1 mile @ 12 min @ 5.0 then 4 miles 6.5 @0.0-0.5 incline @ 36 minutes
Total miles 5.50

2/15- Total body toning Aerobics class for 45 minutes.

2/16- Leg workout- squats:            5x5 @90lbs, 4x5 @95lbs
                                leg press:        5x5 @90lbs, ballarina toes, straight toes, feet together
                                static lunges:  5x8 @24lbs (12lb db's)
                               hammie curls: 5x8 @ 60lbs
                               calves:            4x10 @ 90lbs

2/17- cross training- ZUMBA class

2/18- REST DAY!

2/19- 3 mile GRP- 25:40 minutes @ 7.0 (8:30 mile) + 12 minute mile warm up at 5.0 .5 incline + 12 minute cool down at 5.1-- ran with my Vibrams!!!
Total miles: 5.03 miles in 50 minutes

2/20- long run 7 miles- 68minutes- played with 0.0-0.5 incline, speeds of 5.5-7.0 (kicked up mile 6-7 @ 7.0 speed- roughly 8:35 mile)
Total miles: 7 miles

Total miles for week: 17.53 miles

So overall, not too much soreness in the legs.  I'm feeling much stronger this year that when I was training for last year's race.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tips on staying strong

Hi everyone-

I know that for a lot of you running is like going to the dentist. You have to do it to look good, but you despise it in all dimensions of the universe.  For the crazy people (I'm one of them) who love to run, we've learned to find enjoyment in this crazy exercise.  I remember in high school when I ran track people would ask me "HOW DO YOU LIKE RUNNING?!"  Well, besides the fact that I'm pretty awful at any sport that involves the use of a ball (hey, no dirty thoughts), I learned to find the freedom in running.  Running to me is an escape from all that's bothering me.  I put on my head phones and I hit the track.  Yes, of course I get tired and eventually lose steam, but it's what goes through my mind that keeps me going. And this, kids, is what I'm going to write to you today.

Tips on how to survive a run:

Music- the long and short of it. Let's face it, if you don't have music that pumps you up, you're pretty much going to die off after 3 steps.  Wether its angry music that will help get frustration out, or up beat music that will help you get through it.  Either way, find something that will motivate you to keep going.

Relax- yes, that's right, relaxation while you run is the most important part in the act of running.  The only thing that should really be going are your legs.  Keep the shoulders down, relax the arms and let them move naturally as you run.

Breath- it is possible to breath.  Just because your legs are moving like crazy, does not mean that your breathing should match.  Take deep, calm breaths... in through the nose and out the mouth.  When you calm the breathing down, the body adapts and you'll automatically relax.

So while I'm in the midst of my long runs, easy strides, whatever the training entails, I'm focusing on the music. When I listen to it, I try to find a rhythm in the song that I can pace myself to.  If the song has a good beat, I match my strides to it and it helps me save my energy.  I'll listen to the song 4 or 5 times in a row because I'm on a good rhythm.  I always make sure that everything is relaxed and that I'm taking deep breaths every few minutes.  My mind is not focused on pain, or how many minutes have passed by, my mind is focused on the beat of my steps and the movement of my body.  When I start getting tired, whether I'm on the treadmill or running outside, I turn to mind games.  For example, I pick a point in the song and decide on a mini goal that I have to achieve before that spot in the song.  Let's say I pick a light post and I have to reach that light post before the beginning of the chorus.  I pick up the pace and make sure I get to that spot.  This helps with boredom and allows you to focus on something bigger than the running.  When I'm running, I'm focusing on getting through the finish line, or focusing on "damn, I just beat my 4 mile time from last week" and from there you get stronger.

Most of running is psychological.  Anyone and everyone can run.  You can't let your mind take control, mind over matter.

Tips on cheating when you're getting tired:
-slow the legs down, and move the arms faster (this saves some energy in the legs and the momentum of your arms will bring you forward- only use this tactic sporadically when you feel like giving up)
-run on the balls of your feet (this will engage the calves, which are powerful assets in your running)
-keep your legs centered underneath you (this will help keep your strides even)
-take longer strides (this helps you cover more ground in less time)
-abs tight, shoulders back


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 4 training

2/7- 4 mile run-  0.0-.5 incline @ 5.5-7.5 speed-- 38:40 minutes

2/8- cross training/aerobics class-- REST DAY

2/9- SPHR (3miles)

2/10- LR 5 miles- X

2/11- GRP 3 miles- X (Full body workout instead

2/12- ZUMBA training


Monday 2/7- today was a crazy day. I trained early that morning but decided to come home after and take a quick nap (here's the thing, because I'm active and on my feet all day -not to mention getting over a cold- it's a smarter idea for me to get enough sleep then kill myself training). I was crunched for time due to a doctor's appointment at 1pm.  I had planned on doing the 5 mile run from the day before, but about 3 miles into it and it already was 11:30, I cranked it up to 7.5 (pissed off and irritated) and was able to bust out 4 miles.  It was not enjoyable and working out irritated or pissed off is not the most enjoyable way to get through a workout.

Tuesday 2/8- I just accepted to teach an aerobics class for 2 hours every Tuesday.  No one had signed up for the class today so my cross training was not completed.  Tomorrow I will be following the new schedule.  Because I've already run 1 half marathon before, I have a better idea of what to expect.  I will be cutting down on the amount of miles that will be run, but will be focusing on doing more hill runs.  I will combine the shorter runs with hills therefore getting a double workout in one. So, in the end, today turned out to be REST DAY.

Wednesday 2/9- today I ran 3 miles up hill, and 1 mile just for the fun of it.  3 miles at 6.0 incline 2.0 (total time of 28 minutes), the last mile was at 7.0 on 0.0 incline

Thursday 2/10- Traveling to MA for training (3.5 hour drive)

Friday 2/11- full body workout (1 hour) at training for work.

Saturday 2/12- (ZUMBA Instructor Class) dancing all day.  1 hour master class of Zumba.

Sunday 2/13- REST DAY

Sunday, February 6, 2011

week 3 training

Let the 3rd week begin!

1/31- Easy strides 4 miles---- just under 39 mins @10 min mile pace except last mile was 9:45 min pace(3miles 6.0, 1 mile 6.7)

2/1- Cross Training day--- 25 minutes stepmaster @ level 7 resistance, and weird machine for 15 minutes

2/2- REST day because I was sick-- would have been 4 hill repeats

2/3- easy 4 miles--- 37 minutes @ 6.0-7.5 @.5 incline

2/4-REST day

2/5- Goal Race Pace- 3 miles @ 28:35min-- total miles 5.38, 15min warm up 5.0-5.5 @.5 incline (mile 2-3 was incline 1.0-2.0 @ 6.0-6.1 speed) 10 min cool down at 5.0 speed and .5 incline

2/6- 5 mile LSD-- will be done 2/7/11

TOTAL MILES for the week: 14 miles

So far, feeling AMAZING and the training is going great!