Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carb loading- Lemme show you how it's done!

*Thanks to my nutrition book- Contemporary Nutrtion- I now know the proper way to carb load before an event. * 

Pretty much everyone knows that carbs fuel our muscles for energy, correct? Well, most of us use the WRONG types of carbs to fuel our bodies for activities.  It has always been the mentality that "well, I exercised today so now I can eat whatever I want." This is the INCORRECT thought process.  Just because we exercised does not give us permission to over indulge in cookies and sweets.  These are all the WRONG carbs to be eating post exercise.  These carbs contain a high FAT content.  Basically, the body uses some of it for energy, but what can't be broken down is simply stored as fat.  That's why most people, even though they sweated out 300 calories on the treadmill, are still a little chubby in all the areas that they don't wanna be.  Make sense yet.....

Let me give you a definition about what carb loading is, and then I'll proceed to discuss high carb/ high fat foods and  high carb foods.  Carbohydrate Loading: a process in which a high carbohydrate intake is consumed for 6 days before an athletic event while tapering exercise duration in an attempt to increase muscle glycogen stores.

Carb loading is beneficial for activities like: marathons, long distance swimming, cross-country skiing, 30-kilometer runs, triathlons, soccer, cycling time trials.

Carb loading is not beneficial for activities like: American football games, walking/hiking, weightlifting, most track and field events.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what types of activities benefit from carb loading, lets look into the proper foods that should be consumed during/after/prior to competition.

People who exercise vigorously for more than 1 hour per day on a daily basis should consume a diet that includes moderate to high amounts of carbs.  These meals should be made up of a variety of food, such as grains, starchy veggies, and fruits- these are all adequate and healthy sources of carbs to restore the depleted glycogen stores after a hard day's workout.  Low carb/high protein diets are not usually recommended.  As discussed earlier, your body needs carbs for fuel.  As a general rule, carb intake should be at least 5 grams per kilogram body weight. For athletes it can be up to 7 grams per kilogram body weight.  (Check below to calculate body weight in kg).  WHAT NOT TO DO: "Before endurance events, such as marathons and triathlons, some athletes seek to increase their carb reserves by eating food such as potato chips, french fries, banana cream pie and pastries. Although such foods provide carbohydrate, they also contain a lot of fat." Now I'm not saying you can't indulge a little, because let's be honest, sometimes we have a craving, but remember that the majority of carbs MUST be coming from the healthy selection!!!! WHAT TO DO: Better high carb food choices include pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, fruits.  See the table below for some ideas:

Starches: 15 grams Carb per serving:
baked potato, 1/4 large        
bagel, 1/4 (4 oz)
cooked rice, 1/3 cup
baked beans, 1/3 cup
saltine crackers, 6
cooked pasta, 1/3 cup

Vegetables: 5 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
cooked veggies, 1/2 cup
raw veggies, 1 cup
vegetable juice, 1/2 cup
(carrots, green beans, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes)

Fruits: 15 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
canned fruit or berries, 1/2 cup
fruit juice, 1/2 cup
grapes, 17
peach, 1
banana, 1 small
apple or orange, 1 small

Milk: 12 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
milk, 1 cup
plain low fat yogurt, 2/3 cup
soymilk, 1 cup

Sweets: 15 grams Carbohydrate per serving:
cake, 2 in square
cookies, 2 small
ice cream, 1/2 cup
sherbet, 1/2 cup

6 days to competition- 60 minutes exercise, 450 grams carbs
5 days to competition- 40 minutes exercise, 450 grams carbs
4 days to competition- 40 minutes exercise, 450 grams carbs
3 days to competition- 20 minutes exercise, 600 grams carbs
2 days to competition- 20 minutes exercise, 600 grams carbs
1 days to competition- REST                        600 grams carbs

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 10

3/21- 40 min elliptical (due to snow)

3/22- my 45 minute aerobics class! total body toning!

3/23- 4 mi SPHR@ 36 min-- 2.0-4.0 incline, 6.5-7.3 speed

3/24- 5 miles- (4miles on street, 1 mile at track) @ 35:53min

3/25- REST DAY!

3/26- 6 mile run- 3 miles due to extreme cold and wind

3/27- 8 mile run @ 1:09 min (street run)

Monday (3/21)- even though its March, there was a snowstorm. My gym membership expired so I went downstairs to do 40 minutes of elliptical instead of running outside.  I wore my vibrams!

Tuesday (3/22)-   My legs were a little sore from the elliptical on Monday, but mostly my calves were achey due to the vibrams-- amazing how those shoes actually make you use your feet! Aerobics class went well, used light weights but was able to do full body workout! (Squats, lunges, bis/tris, shoulders, calves)

Wednesday (3/23)-went to my gym and paid the day fee.  I was able to get a 4 mile uphill run in.  Pretty good workout and I felt really strong.  Cranked the incline up to 4.0 and ran the last mile at 7.3 speed.

Thursday (3/24)- outside run today because the snow melted.  It was chilly but I did it! Dress warm! My legs are totally sore from the uphill 4 mile run on the treadmill yesterday.  Was hard to do the run today, but I made it through!

Friday (3/25)- REST DAY!

Saturday (3/26)- ran 3 miles with a client, too frigid and cold to complete 6 miles. Also, right hamstring is feeling way tight due to too much running and rushed work schedule.  BAD that I don't stretch as much as I should!!

Sunday (3/27)- 8 mile run in the 40 degree wind! street run and breaking in sneakers.  One week today until the big race!  Legs are tight and a little sore.  Lots of stretching this week to loosen up the legs.

ALSO CARB LOADING is a must! Look out for a blog on how to prepare your body for an extreme race!!!

As always, thanks for your support and reading my blog!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 9 is upon us

3/14- no workout (work schedule is crazy)

3/15- no run, 45 minute aerobics class (fully body toning)

3/16- CT 45 minutes

3/17- 12 mile run @ 1 hour 39 minutes - breakdown (8miles on road -roughly 8min miles, 4 miles on track)

3/18- Rest DAy

3/19- no workout

3/20- no workout

due to a crazy work schedule of early mornings, the workouts were limited and lots of rest was mandatory. Busy week of training in week 10!

12 mile run- pretty difficult being that my training took a pause for a few days.  I felt awesome running and then around mile 9 I hit a wall, but I FINISHED and thats all that matters.  I worked through the pain and desire to quit and finished with a great time.  I know that my 13 mile run for the race will be even better!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recipe to TRY!

Turkey & Egg white wrap:
1/2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 lb ground turkey
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
6 egg whites
kosher salt
cracked black pepper
1 med tomato
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 whole wheat tortillas

1. heat olive oil in a medium nonstick skillet, then add turkey and cumin. crumble turkey as it cooks to a light golden brown, then add egg whites.
2. continue stirring until eggs are completely white. season with salt and pepper to taste. add tomato and cilantro, stir for one minute and remove from heat.
3. in a separate skillet (or toaster oven) warm tortillas until soft. divide turkey-egg mixture evenly into tortillas, roll like a burrito and serve!

-Great! Quick and delicious! I recommend this recipe if you're looking for something that will keep you full for several hours.  It's a breakfast meal, but can easily be eaten for lunch!

Nutrition Facts:
359 calories, 32 g protein, 29 g carbs, 14 g fat, 5 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 550 mg sodium

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 8 training

3/7/11- 11 mile run--- did not finish!  (5 miles in 46min) the loop had lots of hills

3/8/11- aerobics class (no shows, no class) 4x4 sprints @1:16, 1:20, 1:27, 1:24, 3 minute rest between each

3/9/11- no workout

3/10/11- 4 mile intervals- 1 mile 1.0 incline @6.5 @ 9:13 min, 1 mile 0.0 incline @ 7.5 @ 8 min (repeat 2x) total of 34:45 minutes.

3/11/11- walk/run 2 miles, bis, tris, shoulders

3/12/11- 2 miles @ 15:57 min

3/13/11- no work out

Monday- feeling a little nervous about the 11 mile run that needs to get done today.  Due to the rain yesterday, I decided to wait to run the 11 miles.  As race day gets closer, its important to start running outside to get a feel for the asphalt and prepare the body for uneven ground.  Today I'm anxious to run these 11 miles, partly because I have a little doubt and that its windy and semi-chilly. HOWEVER, I'm super excited to try out my new gear! Today I'll be trying out new socks, new capri spandex, new dry wick nike tank and my livestrong wind breaker. I'll also be using my new waterbottle belt and experimenting with shot blocks.  I've mapped out a loop, thanks to, that is a total of 5 miles.  I will be doing the loop 2x around and the last mile is near my house, so it will give me great cool down time.  Here goes! Wish me luck!  DID NOT FINISH: Please remember that the loop I chose was full of hills, uneven ground, plus the wind was brutal and it wasn't as warm out as I thought it would be. * I have to say that running is mostly mental- if you're not 100% in it, chances are you'll pysche yourself out,  This is a perfect example. Notice the first words I wrote at the beginning of the paragraph.... then notice how I did not finish... coincidence?!*

Tuesday- legs are slightly sore from the 5 mile loop.  4x4 routine was difficult because my body is now trained for long distance, so sprints is a totally different training technique.  Remember that long distance running is an aerobic activity (uses oxygen).  Sprints are anaerobic (without oxygen) so it works strictly on the body's initial energy source (ATP), once that is depleted the body searches for other types of fuel. I'll write a blog later on about the difference between anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

Wednesday- due to lack of sleep, 5am wake up, 6.5 hours of work, work meeting, two afternoon training sessions, there was no time for a workout.

Thursday- legs are sore from the uphill run on monday as well as the 4x400m sprints on Tuesday.  today's workout was great and felt good.  didn't like being back inside on the treadmill due to rain.  Ran in my Vibrams!! YES!

Friday-  run/walk of 2 miles plus a short upper body workout

Saturday- 2 mile run just to get some fresh air

Sunday- no workout- 2 days of 6:30 am wake ups and two 5 am wake up days to come.... rest is more important in these situations so as to not get sick!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 7 training

2/28- 9 mile run (outside!!!) @ 1:19:05--- breakdown: 2 mi @17 min, 4 mi @36, 7 mi @57min

3/1- 45 minute aerobics class! total body toning (squats, shoulders, lunges, biceps, triceps, back)

3/2- easy 5 miles- 5 mi @ 40 minutes (outside in Vibrams)--- breakdown: 1 mi @ 7:55, 2 mi @ 16:00, 3 mi @ 24:40, 4 mi @ 33:00

3/3- CT 30-60mins but I changed for back, bis, tris workout:
            back: seated row              4x10 @ 50lbs
                     low row overhand  4x8    @ 40lbs
                    low row underhand 4x8   @ 40lbs
                    lat pull down           3x10 @40lbs

         triceps: skull crushers        3x8 @ 8-10lbs
                     overhead               3x8 @ 8-10lbs
                     kickbacks             3x8 @ 8-10lbs

          biceps: barbell curls         4x8 @30lbs
                      hammer curls      4x8  @10lbs
                      wide grip curls    3x8  @10lbs

3/4- Rest day

3/5- Rest day

3/6- Rest day

Total Miles: 14 miles 

Feeling great and amazed at how quickly my  body's adapted to training.  Overall, feeling strong and ready for week 8 of training!!! BRING IT ON!!!