Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recipe of the month!

Try this delicious wrap! Great for Breakfast or a quick lunch bite!

Serves 2

1/2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 lb. ground turkey
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
6 egg whites
Kosher salt
Cracked black pepper
1 medium tomato, diced
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 whole-wheat tortillas

1. Heat olive oil in a medium nonstick skillet, add turkey and cumin. Crumble turkey as it cooks to a light golden brown, then add egg whites.
2. Continue stirring until eggs are completely white. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add tomato and cilantro, stir for one minute and remove from heat.
3. In a separate skillet (or toaster over) warm tortillas until soft. Divide turkey-egg combo evenly into tortillas, roll like a burrito and ENJOY

Nutrition facts:
359 calories, 32 g protein, 29 g carbs, 14 g fat, 5 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 550 mg sodium

This is really delicious and easy/quick to make! I recommend this one 100%

(recipe from muscle and fitness hers)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


April and May Weight Training Routine

Legs and Triceps

Cardio and Abs

Back and Biceps

Legs and Abs

Triceps and Shoulders

Cardio and Biceps


I will be following this schedule for the remainder of April and all of May.  Workouts will be different each week....

- bigger, stronger legs
- defined biceps
- defined triceps
- defined shoulders
- bigger, defined calves
- defined traps and middle back

Pictures taken on 4/20/11
 All angles of quads

 Right Arm, Biceps and Triceps

 Left Arm, Biceps and Triceps

My left arm seems to be much stronger than the right arm.  You can tell by the muscle definition in the left triceps as opposed to the right triceps.  Calves need to be a little more defined, although I'm surprised by this picture how good they actually look.  Quads are muscular, but would like the vastus lateralis (outer thigh) to bulge out a little more.  A "tear drop" shape would be great to accomplish! Back needs to have more definition in the middle/traps area. Abs, well they'd look good a little more defined.

Keep in mind, not all this will be possible to accomplish in a short 4.5 weeks, but let's see what I can do and how far I can get! Stay tuned, the party's just begun..... 

Friday, April 22, 2011


Here is the information:
April 7, 2011 information from consultation

Female, 25 years old, 5 ft 3 in

Weight: 131.6
Body Fat %: 29.5%
BMI: 23.2
Right biceps- 11"
Left biceps- 11"
Right thigh- 22"
Left thigh- 22"
Chest- 34.5"
Waist- 31"

run 6 miles consistently
run 5 miles in 50 minutes- race May 30th in Boston that she wants to do
overall definition in arms, legs and abdominal region

April 21, 2011
 right side
 left side
 front flexed
 back flexed

Her program consists of 6 days of workouts,  focusing on specific body parts each day of the week.  She is doing cardiovascular workouts 2x a week (one interval training day, and one day of long runs).  Interval training will promote an "afterburn affect" where you are burning more calories in the hours AFTER your workout.  The long runs are helping to build her endurance in order to run the 6 miles consistently.  She is following a diet that ensures the proper combination of carbs, protein and fat.

*Program is due to change to better accustom the client's needs*

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A great friend of mine from college called me a few weeks ago and discussed with me her frustration about not losing weight and wanting to "tone up" for the summer.  She has a great passion for dancing and in college always choreographed the greatest dances I've ever seen.  Her spunk and amazing attitude toward working out made me eager to want to help her out. She loves taking spin class, feels refreshed after pilates but doesn't really know what to do when it came time to hit the weights.  She shared with me that she was a little nervous about working out in front of the manly buff men at her gym (does this sound familiar to anyone?!)  I told her not to worry and that I'd take care of her!

We decided to meet for our first consultation back at the beginning of April.  I discussed with her the importance of eating correctly, exercising daily and being motivated to keep going even after a long hard day at work.  At the consultation we went over expectations of the program, her goals, nutrition, accountability and many other topics.  I took her measurements, her weight and her body fat percentage. I also reminded her of the importance of sticking to the program and the routine that has been given to her.  Because I'm not physically there with her on a weekly basis, she must be extra diligent about doing everything I say.  This is major accountability on her part, but she was eager to start! Here's another twist, in order for me to make sure she is following the meal plan and workout routines, I told her to create a account where she must track everything she ate during the day.  This serves as her food journal.  I have access to that account and I go on every night to ensure she is in fact doing what she has agreed to do.

We were in a bit of a predicament because due to both of our crazy schedules (me from Jersey and her in NYC) we found that it would be difficult to meet up on a weekly basis.  Now here's the catch!  I told her that I'd been wanting to do online training with someone and wanted to write a blog about the transformation process.  She was thrilled with the idea and from there it took off! She's agreed to let me share with you her goals, her training routine, her nutrition plan, and her pictures of before and after the process.

We are 2 weeks into the project and I have to tell you I can't be more proud of her hard work and dedication! Get ready to follow A GREAT ADVENTURE!!!

Stay tuned for the next blog! Her PICTURES, GOALS, BODY FAT, MEASUREMENTS to follow!


Today marks the beginning of my new workout program!  After 3 weeks or resting and a little bit too much relaxation, my motivation to begin exercising has arrived! 11 weeks of a grueling endurance program and a 13.1 half marathon really takes a lot out of you! But, I'm back in business and will be sharing with you some (not all) of the workouts that I do to keep myself toned up and in tip top shape!

I'll be posting in another blog, which will be up by Sunday, my workout schedule from now until the end of May.  There will be before and after pictures of what I look like in the 4.5 weeks I'll be training. I'll also be sharing with you some of my goals that I would like to fulfill in the next 4.5 weeks. I find that by blogging and keeping my fans up to date on what I'm doing count as part of my accountability and keep me from slacking off.  See, even a trainer needs to be held accountable for her workouts!

I'll also be continuing with nutrition tips as well as recipes that I've tried and find are good to share with all of you!

So, here is my workout from today. Something mild and fairly easy to get myself back into it:

2 mile run:
1 mile @ 7:35
1 mile @ 7:55

4x15 with 30lb barbell

Plie squats
4x15 with 25lb weight plate

3x12 with 10lb dbs

Calf raise
4x12 with 10lb dbs

russian twists, reverse crunch 4lb med ball, toe touches, side bends

Anyway, enjoy and learn as I post my new adventures on working out!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Before and After HM training Results

11 weeks of hard work looks like this:
                                                January 24, 2011- first few weeks of training
                                                    March 14, 2011- week 9 of training

Stomach is overall flatter and more defined in picture below

Muscle tone decreased in back and arms due to restricted strength training regimen and increased endurance training workouts

TIMED MILES COMPARISONS (from week one until week 11):
1/17/11- 3 miles @ 28 minutes
1/22/11- 2 miles @ 18:09 minutes
1/31/11- 4 miles @ 39 minutes
2/19/11- 3 miles @ 25:40 minutes
2/20/11- 7 miles @ 68 minutes
2/26/11- 4 miles @ 36 minutes
2/28/11- 9 miles @ 1:19 minutes
3/2/11-   5 miles @ 40 minutes
3/12/11- 2 miles @ 15:57 minutes
3/17/11-12 miles @ 1:39 minutes
3/27/11- 8 miles @ 69 minutes

AS OF 3/27/11:
1 mile @ 7:55 minutes
2 miles @ 16 minutes
3 miles @ 24 minutes
4 miles @ 33 minutes
5 miles @ 40 minutes

13.1 miles @ 1 hour 49 minutes

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final week of training

3/28- 3 miles @ 27 minutes

3/29- 45 minute total body toning aerobics class

3/30- 3 miles @ 24:59

3/31- Rest and stretching

4/1- Rest and stretching

4/2- Rest and stretching

4/3- RACE DAY!!!! 1 hour 49 minutes!!!! beat my time!

LEGS ARE TIGHT AND SORE! Stretching like a crazy mad woman all week! Icey/hot massage on legs! carb loading the whole week before!

RACE DAY- I arrived at Central Park at about 7:30am and was able to get a warm up in with a few stretches. I felt awesome! at about 40 minutes into the run I was totally warmed up and kicking it into gear.  I was able to find a running partner for the first 6 miles and that helped keep me from slowing down or focusing on the hills and mild muscle tightening in the legs! the GU gel packs were awesome and definitely made a difference in my stamina and kept me going.  I'd get bursts of energy where I'd kick it up a notch and go a little faster.  I had 4 GU gels about every 45 minutes or so.  I had one at mile 12 to get me through the last mile.  I picked up speed to cross the finish line and was able to achieve my race time! Overall, felt awesome, the training schedule I had was perfect! I tackled the hills and felt a lot stronger all over! I'll be running another half marathon in the future!