Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 3- Strength training routine

Monday 5/9- Legs and Triceps
squats                     5x10   70lb barbell
side lunge               5x10   15lb db
plie squat                5x10   35lb db
standing calf raise   4x15   30lb barbell

Triceps (supersets)
skull crushers          2x10  8lb db
overheads                2x10  8lb db
kickbacks                2x10  8lb db
dips                         2x

Tuesday 5/10- Cardio and abs
Did not complete

Wednesday 5/11-TRX
full body suspension training

Thursday 5/12- Legs and abs
Did not complete

Friday 5/13- TRX
full body suspension training

Saturday 5/14- Cardio and bis
Did not complete- work all day

Sunday 5/15- Rest Day
instructed half hour Yoga class
1 hour training session with kids

*my training was slacking this week, due to mild soreness and busy work schedule*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 2- Strength training routine

Here are some of the workouts I did last week.  Workouts are increasing in difficulty, weights are increasing as well.  After not training for so long, the body has to adapt to exercises.  It's important to start with lighter weights.  There's a cool thing called muscle memory.... The body has an incredible way of remembering what it once did.  Whatever you do, DO NOT start off with heavy weights! You'll be surprised how quickly the body adapts, from there you can start adding more weight to the exercises and making exercises more difficult.  Remember to switch routines every 2-3 weeks to keep the body guessing.  Plateaus in training occur when the body becomes used to the same exercises and weight over and over again.

Monday 5/2
Legs and Triceps
Squats        5x10 60lb barbell
Lunges       5x10  15lb db
Plie squat   5x10  25lb weight plate

Tuesday 5/3
Cardio and Abs---- did not do

Wednesday 5/4
Back and Biceps
reverse flys, bent over row, one arm row
21's, and supersets

Thursday 5/5
Legs and Abs
Legs: (still sore from Monday's workout)
Squats        4x15    10lb db
Lunges       4x10   10lb db
Plie squats  4x15   25lb weight plate

Side bends 4x12   25lb db
crunches, side planks, bicycles

Friday 5/6
Shoulders and Triceps
shoulder press, front raise, rear delts

Saturday 5/7
Cardio and Biceps
5 mile run

Sunday 5/8


After 4 weeks of diligently training, following my workouts, nutrition tips and holding her accountable for her workouts, I'm happy to say that she's looking GREAT!

Just so you all know, I have her working out 6 days a week. She's doing cardio 3 days a week (a mixture of 30 minute intervals and long runs) and is weight lifting 3 days a week. I have designated days for her to focus and concentrate on specific muscle groups.

Weight: 131.2
Biceps: 11"
Thighs: 21.5"
Chest: 34.5"
Waist: 29.5"

Her long runs are designed to help her build her endurance for her goal of running 6 miles consistently. The intervals are important to include in her workout due to the afterburn affect.  The harder you work on those intervals, the more calories you burn when you're sitting at your desk at work.

She's lost a .5 inch her thighs and has gone down an 1.5 inches in her waist. Her weight has gone down a little bit, but due to her weight lifting regimin, she has replaced some fat with muscle. Her overall physique is looking incredible!

She's noticeable thinner, her arms are starting to come in nicely.  Biceps definition is slowly beginning to show and her arms are stronger to the touch.  Her stomach is noticeably thinner, and her hips have slimmed down.  Her mother even said she looked smaller!!

I have her following a strict eating routine, with minimal sugar and carefully balancing her carbs, protein and fat intake at each meal.  She's been eating 6 times a day and drinking at least 80 oz. of water every day.

The month of May will consist of heavier weights, lower reps of each exercise.  I will be challenging her  with new exercise routines so that she can continue to see results!

She continues to work hard and I'm so proud of her! The next weigh in will be during the first week of June.  Her body fat will also be measured at the next weigh in.  Pictures will be taken at the 2 month mark as well.

Hard work and dedication does pay off!   Results start when you do!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Recipe of the month!

Chunky Greek Salad with Chickpeas
serves 1
1/2 c. green pepper
1/2 c. red pepper
1/2 c. tomato
5 Kalamata olives
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1/2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp crumbled feta cheese

Mix together 1/2 cup each chopped tomato, red and green pepper.  Add 1/2 cup chickpease, rinsed and drained; 5 Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced.  Toss with 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil.  Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons crumbled reduced fat feta.

Prep time is 10 minutes.  Fresh, light and great for those hot summer days!

Nutrition: (roughly)
480 calories, 25 g fat, 16 g carbs, 8 g protein

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 1- Strength training routine

MONDAY 4/25- Legs/butt and triceps
Squats          3x10   30lbs
Split squat    3x10   no weight
Plie squat     3x10   25lbs

Donkey kicks
Fire hydrants
Up, out, up, in

TUESDAY 4/26- Cardio and abs
2 mile street run @ 18:23
reverse crunches, planks, side planks (pulsing), mermaid crunch, crunches

WEDNESDAY 4/27- Back and bis
Incline dumbbell curl           3x6  10lb
Standing off-set pinky curl  3x12 8lb
Decline hammer curl           3x25 5lb
2 minute break between sets

Barbell curl                         2x10 20lbs
Resistance band burn out    2xx  easy band

One arm row, bent over row, low row

THURSDAY 4/28- Legs and Abs
not telling you my workout!

FRIDAY 4/29- Shoulders and triceps
no workout

SATURDAY 4/30- Cardio and biceps
no workout

SUNDAY 5/1- Rest Day
5k race just for fun!