Sunday, January 17, 2016

D.tox prep day 1

So, it's been a while since I've written on here. But today I'm starting prep week for an awesome cleanse program called D.tox from Lifetime athletic.  Lifetime is a high end, top of the line facility that has everything from a weight floor to a kids activity center.  It is the place for families because everything you need is there.  Hungry? Grab a bite to eat at the cafe. Or just chill in the pool or sauna after a butt kicking workout with me!

Anyway, today is day 1 of prep week, during this week I start to remove toxins from my daily routine such as: coffee, alcohol, sugars and start increasing physical activity. I think coffee will be the hardest part but I've already made a conscious decision last week to start decreasing my intake to just 1 cup a day.  So far it hasn't been that bad.  My birthday just passed so I guess I'll have to freeze the rest of my birthday cake so that I'm not tempted to eat any... Along with these brownies.

 I can't wait to start this program.  I will be taking weekly photos to keep track of my progress as well as writing a daily post to keep you all in the loop.

Here we go!

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