Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Recipe of the month

June officially kicks off of the summer. Humid, hot days make us crave ice cream, frozen yogurt and Italian ice.  All delicious but not all that healthy.  So what can we eat to stay cool and still satisfy cravings?  I came across this delicious yet simple recipe that requires 1 ingredient.  I'd be happy to share it with you!

This recipe is great for those who have food restrictions such as gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and Paleo.  It's loaded with potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

Here it is:

Banana Ice Cream

2 peeled bananas

1. Slice fresh bananas into 1 inch pieces and place in freezer for 2 hours

2. Remove from the freezer and using a food processor, blend until smooth and creamy

3. Transfer your creamed banana into a plastic container and freeze for about 4 hours or until solid

Add ins:

Strawberries- add 3.5 oz fresh or frozen for every banana to food processor. Blend until smooth and creamy. Place in a plastic container and freeze for 4 hours.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Changing Habits, Keep the weight off forever!

How many of you have tried to lose weight and then gained it all right back? Have you had some success on weight loss programs but couldn't figure out why the weight came back? I bet you I know why!!!

Yes, there is nothing wrong with these weight loss plans, but the problem is that most people are just looking for a quick fix, or a here and now solution.  Unfortunately, a quick fix isn't going to give you future success.  Too many of us want instant gratification. I mean, look at the world we live in today- songs downloaded in the click of a button, information at our fingertips, car transportation in a jiffy. Anything we need, want, desire is given to us in a blink of an eye.

The body is not a computer, obviously!! The body does not adapt and change instantly to stimulus.  The body requires repetition in order to understand change.  In other words, don't expect to see instant changes after 2 days of working out.  Do any of you have kids, or pets? Ok, lets use them as an example. If you're trying to teach your puppy a trick or to pee on the weewee pad, how many freaking times do you have to repeat yourself or show it the correct way to get the result you want.  When it comes to children, you must be consistent and persistent in guiding them to success.  Too many of us neglect the fact that the same goes for body transformation.

Don't you want your weight loss to be permanent so that you can focus your time and energy into more fun and exciting things. Who wants to constantly yo-yo in that 15-30lb (or more) weight loss range. How EXHAUSTING!! I'm tired just talking about it. In order for weight loss to become permanent, certain things must change. Behavior and habits must change.  If you're not having success doing things the way you are/have been doing them, you will NEVER have success. It's that simple. Keep repeating the same mistakes and keep getting the same results.  Crash dieting gives you instant results, but once you eat "real food" the weight comes back on, plus 10lbs and more headache.  Make the investment ONCE and get results FOREVER.

So what the heck am I talking about exactly? When it comes to keeping weight off for good, start to recognize and understand who you are. What are your triggers, down falls? Are you an emotional eater, a stress eater, eat out of boredom? Start asking yourself simple questions that you can discover the answers to. By recognizing some of these small habits, you've now opened the door to a world of solutions. Where in your day can you squeeze in an extra walk? Do you have 15 mins alone between dropping the kids off to go for a quick walk around the block. Here's one, GET OUT OF THE CAR AT STARBUCKS AND GO INSIDE THE STORE TO GET YOUR COFFEE! What are your triggers- are you a fiend for chocolate chip cookies, wine, salty treats? If so, get them out of your house. If the temptation is not there, you will not cheat. Start to think about how much time you actually spend sitting down. These are very easy and small steps that you can take today to start making a change for good.